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Oct 11, 2006 08:35 PM

Sutra looks almost ready to open

Sutra Restaurant and Lounge, the reincarnation of La Suite, appears almost ready to open, at least from the outside. The dark peach colored fabrics are up, the new menu has been posted in the window, and even the OpenTable profile for La Suite at least has the new restaurant's name.

The posted menu reveals there will be a raw bar, small plates, small entrees, and large entrees. It looks like the food is Japanese inspired. Entrees range from $17 to $22 and higher.

The two executive chefs listed have Japanese last names.

That's what I could gather from the outside. Anyone have any scoop on the inside? No opening date was apparent.

The location, as discussed here before, is a very challenging one. Only Slanted Door was successful here.

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  1. I walk by there on my way to work each day and I think it's opened now. Opened earlier this week I think. Looks pretty nice inside. Totally different from what La Suite looked like.

    Hopefully we'll hear back from someone who has gone. I hope it's good and works out. That location hasn't been kind although every restaurant that's been there recently is nice looking and has great atmosphere.

      1. re: Gary Soup

        Thanks for the news. It was closed around lunch time today so it wasn't clear to me if they had re-opened yet. I'll check it out soon.