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Oct 11, 2006 08:35 PM

Gadalupe Valley Recs

Heading down for the weekend we are planning on visiting La Cetto, Chateau Camou, Casa Pedro Domecq, Monte Xanic, and Bodegas Santo Tomas. Did I miss any good Botique wineries? Also we are having dinner at Laja on Friday night, but no plans as of yet for Satuday. Any and all recommedations would be appreciated.


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  1. Monte Xanic and Chateau Camou are by far the best of the bunch. The others may be fun to go to, but I don't think you'll find very good wine there. However, Bodegas Santo Tomas used to have -- and may still have -- a restaurant in its old cellar that was kind of a trip.

    1. That has been the genral concensus so far. I do the the Peitte Syrah from La Cetto. I'll be sure to post when I return on Monday.


      1. Last time I was in the area, Monte Xanic and several others listed were not generally open for tastings. That was about 3 years ago, but you might want to make sure places are open. Cetto does have a large tasting room, and the Nebbiolo from them is pretty good too.


        1. I had the ranch we are staying at make all the reservations for tastings. First time staying here, Rancho El Parral, but the communication has been great (via Email). Hope everything works out, I will report when I return.

          BTW tried Adobe Guadalupe but they are booked till Jan.


          1. Steve I'm planning to go to Rancho El Parral and check out the wineries. You said you would report back on the place. How was it? Thanks!

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              My bad, sorry for the delay. The place was really nice and laid back. We were the only guests, had the whole ranch at our disposal. I would describe the place as very friendly, clean and rustic. Breakfast was good on both occasions fresh juices, fresh tortillas, coffee was not so good, I would pack my own if you are a coffee nut, Nescafe is all over the place. Dinner at Laja was top notch, there were only 2 other guests and we wound up chatting and sharing many courses (wine). Food and wine were wonderfully paired and the service was spot on (in laid back fashion). Managed to hit many of the wineries above and took a off road tour (self guided) to Bibioff (sp) a Russian Zinfandel Producer was memorable for the drive and the staff was very nice. I need to revisit my notes as my memory is a little fuzzy, let me know if there are any questions I can specifically address.