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Persian restaurants in San Diego?

I am having cravings for some of the food that was so easy to find in Los Angeles, but I haven't found now that I live in Oceanside. Are there any great (or good) middle eastern restaurants in San Diego? Persian or Lebanese are what I'm craving, but I'll take any recommendations anyone might have.

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  1. For Persian, I like Bandar downtown in the Gaslamp. For Lebanese, I suggest Mama's Lebanese Bakery and Deli in North Park. I'm afraid though that you're looking at quite a drive for either of those. I don't know of any good places like this in North County though.

    1. I have enjoyed Alborz Restaurant - 2672 Del Mar Heights Rd, Del Mar. Nothing fancy (located in a strip mall behind Jack in the Box), but better than average if you don't feel like going to the Gaslamp.

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        Sadaf and Bandar are much better than Alborz.

      2. I personally prefer Sadaf to Bandar for Persian cuisine. Sadaf has 2 locations--one on 5th Avenue in the Gaslamp; the other location is in La Jolla on Pearl Street.

        1. Mama's Bakery is a hole-in-the-wall with cheap, good Lebanese food.

          1. Actually there is a little persian restaurant in Escondido, nothing fancy but it is what you are looking for.

            1. Actually, being lebanese myself and doing alot of lebanese cooking, I thought that Mama's bakery was highly over rated. I can't believe that people think that is good lebanese food. I thought the bread was gritty and tough (it shouldn't be like that). And the stuffing in the so called meat pies was awful. When I think of lebanese food I think of kibbee which is a delicious combination of lamb and beef, or one or the other mixed with bulgar wheat, pine nuts, butter and onions and baked, or meat pies that are made with pita bread dough stuff with lamb, lemon juice, onions, pine nuts and spices and baked in little triangles. The lamb is diced in little pieces. Not all runny and tomatoeeee. Anyway, thats my take. I could go on and on.

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                I agree, and was unimpressed by Mama's. The chicken is overcooked and dry, and the garlic sauce has too much potato. About the best I can say is that it's a little tastier than most fast food.

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                  Do you have any local recommendations for good lebanese?

                2. Oh, another surprisingly good place for some persian food is actually at a car wash in the Target Center in Encinitas. They have a little food store at the car wash and inside they have this little fast food place called Skewers. It is run by a little persian lady and the food is delicious if you are looking for a quick lunch. They have delicious middle eastern salads, skewers of chicken and steak with spices, hummus and tabooli etc. Very good for lunch.

                  1. There is a rather new persian restaurant in the shopping mall that is on the corner of Midway and Rosecrans - the same mall that has Wednesday Morning, Tall Big Men's Wear, and I think Rubios in there too. I haven't been as yet but it is on my list. If anyone beats me to it, let us know what you think.

                    1. Joseph, no I don't have any recommendations for San Diego at all. Years ago there was a great lebanese rest. in Del Mar but it closed down years ago. If you are ever in Las Vegas they have a great one called Hedary's. Thats about as good as I have for you.