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Where can I find kouign-aman in Chicago or 'burbs?

I've been reading David Lebovitz's blog about life of american pastry chef who moved to paris. I'm dying to try a kouign-aman, a pastry from Brittany. Anybody know a patisserie in chicago area where I might find this delectable treat? pix in link

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  1. If you can't find any locally, drop me an email. I'd be happy to share the love from the local patisserie. And thanks for linking the blog.

    1. sorry, I'm an infrequent poster. Thanks so much for the response and the kind offer. I've noted poster's passion for Les Madeleines in SLC.

      Yup, no responses locally. Most good french bakeries are gone as far as I can tell. There is Sweet Thang, Rolf's Patisserie and Vanille (lovely, but rather expensive).

      Your blog is great, I couldn't resist Kouign Aman as Therapy --yum! I'm kinda new to reading food blogs, but I really enjoyed the article.

      1. Floriole on Webster has them as their pastry of the month for March 2012

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          Geena: Thanks so much! I LOVE Floriole and will def make it a point to visit them in March!

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            Tried it.

            Didn't like it. Very sub-par without the substantial degree of shattering layers seen in France (Or at Bouchon LA or Dominique Ansel NYC) and although sweet not nearly as buttery as those found over seas.

            Overall I don't get the fondness for Floriole - the Canelle is average, the croissants are alright, the KA below average, and the scene/service quite "faux French" with hipster standards.


          2. Sweet Cakes Bakery on Damen makes them all the time. They have had them pretty much every time I've been there. They are delicious! I didn't realize they are something that is hard to find..

            1. can't help....but... my favorite for making this tasty delectable dessert (Les Madeleines in SLC) closed down. so sad soooo sad so good

              1. If you are still looking for one: Bad Wolf Coffee in Lakeview/Roscoe Village.

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                  Bad Wolf Coffee
                  3422 N. Lincoln Ave.
                  (773) 969-2346
                  Wednesday-Monday 7am-6pm (closed Tuesday)

                  Outstanding pastries of all kinds, not just koign-aman.

                2. Isn't that the breakfast pastry that Trader Joe is selling frozen alongside the frozen croissants?

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                    Yes, it is. Has anyone tried it? I just learned of it today, in their Fearless Flyer.

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                      Yes, I've tried the one from Trader Joe's. Like their croissants, you need to take it out the night before, to let it proof (rise) overnight. I thought it was pretty good for something you can have conveniently stashed in your freezer.

                      The kouign amann that really opened my eyes to how sinfully delicious this item can be was at Bad Wolf Coffee in Lakeview, mentioned above. Just amazingly sweet, rich, and flaky. Their caneles are also the very best you'll find anywhere this side of Paris; they come out of the oven at 10:00 a.m. every day, and they're even better when they're still warm. They also do a wicked paris brest. www.badwolfcoffee.com

                      I've also tried the kouign amann at Floriole in Lincoln Park and at Bennison's in Evanston. Neither was all that impressive (although I've found many other items at Floriole to be excellent).

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                        I just tried them over the weekend. The ones at TJ aren't bad at all, especially considering the price(about a dollar each). Having said that, Bad Wolf's version still takes the cake.