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Oct 11, 2006 07:26 PM

Divine Organic Artisinal American Prosciutto at Di Brunos

Stopped in yesterday to hopefully scarf down some free samples and low and behold, the meat guys were sampling their new products from La Quercia (The Oak) in Norwalk Iowa. The artisan couple who create the meats lived in Parma, Italy while they learned to cure meats.They produce several kinds of prosciutto, killer pancetta, and spec. Humanely raised heirloom, antibiotic free Berkshire pigs, known for their flavorful fat and meat are used to make these fantastic cured meats without the use of nitrates or chemicals. La Quercia products are being acclaimed by chefs and critics as being the best cured meats they have ever eaten! I adore prosciutto and am thrilled to find this exquisite version, made right here in the US and right here at Di Bruno's in Philly, a place I love to hate but can't stay away from. Tell the meat guy not to slice those pathetic transparent slices, it should be at least twice as thick as he usually does it: the way to really taste it and the way Italians eat it.

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      About $5 a 1\4 pound. You will swoon when you taste it and will forget how expensive it is, I promise. I read that Whole Foods carries it but BEWARE, the people who do the slicing there may make a mess, ask to see it after they start slicing.

    2. It is fantastic, though I disagree - should be sliced as thin as humanly possible. They sell it at Fairway markets in NYC for $19.96 a pound ($4.99 per quarter pound) - a real steal. Haven't had the speck or pancetta yet, though I'd def. like to. I wonder if they make lardo, too.

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        If they made lardo, my life would be complete, but they don't as yet, I have their product info. Just TRY a thicker slice, lambretta and report back. Lydia Bastianich, one of my cooking idols is always talking about how p. should be sliced thicker. I didn't believe it till I tried. Twice the flavor and outrageous mouth feel.Thanks for that swell Fairway tip, will indulge in a stash next trip to NYC.

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          Great tip, I will buy a stash next time I'm in the city, thanks!

        2. Speaking of fine meats from DiBruno's...They have been hustling Iberico Bellota meats for a short while now. Chorizo($40)/lb), lomo($120/lb), and salchichon($40/lb). These black footed pigs roam wild eating nothing but acorns, they've been recently allowed in the US and our fine purveyor has them in stock. Don't know too much more that that but if you google it you're sure to find some good info. I usually get an ounce of the lomo($7.50) and an 1/8 of a lb. of the other two. Since I'm the only one that eats it at my house the $20 once a month is not a budget breaker. Quite expensive but worth it in small numbers. Those prices are from the 9th st. shop. I don't go to the Rittenhouse one often, it's closer, but I like the old school shop with the cheaper prices.

          1. I believe these are all imported by La Tienda ( - the prices are about 40% more than what they charge; La Tienda charges $49.50 for two pounds ($24.75/pound) of chorizo or salchichon, $79.80 per pound of the lomo. They'll also have the first wave of pata negra jamons this winter at $79 per pound. I had some of this in Malaga and it was divine. (It was also only like $40 or so a kilo.)

            1. The Iberico sausages and pork loin are good.
              Ther are Imported by Fermin/Jose Andres not latienda, tienda is just an online retailer.

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                It was my understanding that the owners of La Tienda worked with Embutidos y Jamones Fermín in order to get their processing plant USDA certified and as such are the exclusive importers of this ham. That doesn't mean that other sellers can't buy it wholesale from La Tienda, I just assume that they would have the best prices. Whether that is the case or not, this is from the same purveyor in Spain, Embutidos y Jamones Fermín, and is much cheaper.