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Oct 11, 2006 06:59 PM

Quebec City Eating


Looking for some help. My wife and I are heading to QC for the first time and are looking for some great restaruants to eat at. I have used the board to find a number of places in Montreal in the past and am looking forward to suggestions. We are staying in upper town but are not adverse to a short cab ride. Thanks for the help.


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  1. My suggestions :

    L'Utopie on St-Joseph street for the architectural menu (the chief was inspired by architecural drawings for designing his menu). Little pricey but worht it.

    La Noce in upper town (corner Cartier and René-Lévesque). You can take all the items on the menu for appetizers or main course. I have there numbers of fabulous dishes : tartare of beef, soft shell crab, "poutine" on a piece of beef (don't know the english word for "bavette de boeuf"), salmon and oyster tartare, acras.

    Le café du cloché penché : french bistro style, great food, great selection of wines and very good brunch.

    Hope this help you.

    1. Vabou made great recommendations. My additions to them:

      - Le 48, for cheap-ish, ecclectic food and decor.
      - Café Temporel on Couillard for good breakfast (good coffee and amazing croissants)
      - Toast! For a very, very good meal, more on the high end side.
      - L'échaudé, for high-end meets casual. Good brunch, but also great selection of wine.
      - Also on the high-end side, and my personnal fave between Quebec City true fine-dining establishments is Laurie-Raphaël...worth every penny, in my opinion.


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        1. Good sushi :

          Tokyo on St-Jean Street (traditional stuff, good nigiris with big pieces of fish)

          Le Kimono on Cartier street for untraditional stuff... try the spoon of tartare mmm

          1. We had a pretty good meal at L'echaude and were tremednously underwhelmed at Laurie Raphael(much to our surprise). Our favorite meal by far was at Clocher Penche.