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Oct 11, 2006 06:56 PM


What's the scoop on Galileo? Still good? Still open? What about the Laboratorio vs. the restaurant? We are going on a business dinner so I wanted to choose somewhere really nice since we aren't paying for it!

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  1. Galileo closed last month for about a year while the building it's housed in is renovated.

    1. I thought the Laboratorio was still open?
      What are other good "expense account" restaurants in that part of downtown? We are doing a farewell dinner for a colleague, 6 of us total. We thought of Taberna del Alabadero and Kinkeads. Anything else?

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      1. re: rpd

        Galileo is closed for a year including the Labortorio. Of course you know how often construction projects are completed on time.

        Other top tier restuarants ["expense account" restaurants ?] include Citronelle, Cityzen, Maestro, Komi, Restaurant Eve. I also think Gerard's Place and La Paradou are outstanding. I would add Tosca and Obelisk if you are looking for Italian. Any of these places would make a great business dinner. I would avoid Kinkeads but recommend Bob's new place, Colvin Run Tavern, at Tyson's Corner.

        1. re: Dakota Guy

          Gerard's Place has already served their last meal.

          1. re: Steve

            Really? When did Gerard's Place close? I was last there about two months ago. Is it gone for good? I always liked it.

      2. How about Vidalia, or Sam & Harry's?

        1. Vidalia, Marcel's, Prime Rib and Equinox. In that order. Laboratorio and the Osteria are also closed. Roberto Donna is opening up Bebo, a trattoria, in Crystal City next week.

          1. If money truly is no object, leaving Citronelle or CityZen off the list is a crime.