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Oct 11, 2006 06:53 PM

Mystery (maybe Egyptian? Lebanese?) Restaurant with Female Chef or Owner

OK, this is driving me crazy. There was an article in the Times a few months ago about a woman who's the chef or owner of a restaurant, which I think was in Brooklyn. They focused on the spices used, though I can't recall what those spices were. I think it was some kind of Middle Eastern cuisine. They also talked in particular about a chicken dish, maybe with rice, that is some sort of regional specialty, and that has to be ordered in advance. Something about the article captured my imagination and made me resolve to go there.

I could have sworn I wrote it down in the notebook I maintain for things like this, but I can't find it. This is obviously not a lot of information to go on. Given that this place piqued my interest to the degree that it did, you'd think I'd remember more details, but what can I tell you. If anybody has any ideas on what I might be talking about here, I'd be grateful. Sorry for such a scatterbrained request, but the thought that I'll lose this place to history due to my spaciness is maddening--as I imagine some of you can appreciate.

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  1. It was an article about Tanoreen, on 3rd Ave in Bay Ridge.
    The [woman] chef there is palestinian, I believe. The food there is indeed very good.

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      You're awesome! That was it. Thanks for giving your view of the food as well. I'm putting it in my notebook now. If I go, I'll report back. Thank you very much.