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othe than MINT... what else goes with lamb?


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          Cumin is my all time favorite to pair with lamb!

          1. Whole grain mustard, sparingly. Maybe cilantro? Yogurt, garlic. Pomegranate.

            I've never been a big fan of mint and lamb, though I love them on their own.

            I have this weird desire to try blood oranges with lamb, don't know why, just an instinct. Maybe lemons? Preserved lemons?

              1. Where to start? I make a roast leg of lamb with tons of chopped garlic, coarsely ground black and white peppercorns, crushed green peppercorns, soy and mustard. The lamb is deboned, butterflied and marinated in the garlic, crushed green peppercorns, vinegar and soy. Recently I've been subbing about 1 Tbs of tamerind for the vinegar and prefer this. After marinating for at least a couple of hours, I roll and tie it, smear the outside with Dijon mustard and coat it with the black/white peppercorns. Roast to rare (130 - 135 F). The original recipe is in the Silver Palate cookbook, I think the first one.

                You can also grill the butterflied leg marinated in everything except the mustard. I add some crushed mustard seed to this.

                I've also done rack of lamb with a glaze of apricot chutney and black pepper.

                There are Asian recipes with hoisin and 5-spice powder. And tons of Indian lamb recipes with all kinds of aromatic spices - cumin, coriander, fenugreek, tumeric etc. etc.

                1. I just made rack of lamb with a Javanese Peanut Sauce. My husband and friends loved it.

                  I prefer salt/pepper/garlic with a yogurt dill sauce.

                  1. Fresh thyme, savory, or cilantro.

                    Cinnamon and saffron.


                    Aleppo pepper.

                    Palm sugar (baste).

                    1. Maple Syrup and whole grain mustard.

                      Cumin, lemon, olive oil.

                      Other, Other, and Other.

                        1. Lavendar ... lavendar sea salt, if you can get it.

                            1. garlic/red or white wine/rosemary

                              coconut milk/coriander (see Bittman's HTCE, lamb leg variation with coconut milk)

                              masaman (tamarind curry)

                              sumac! that's a good one, especially if someone brings you some from the middle east.
                              we roasted lamb with sumac and just about everything else in the spice cabinet one summer as a dry rub - wrapped in banana leaves and thrown in the coals. great stuff....

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                                Oooh, I have some sumac in the pantry right now. Thanks for the idea!

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                                    Or blackberries in a sauce, or something like a red wine reduction.

                                  2. a good mustard smeared all over before baking/grilling..like a really good dijon.

                                    1. Try chops or a roast with cumin salt - mix freshly ground cumin seeds (in a pestle and mortar preferably) with crushed sea salt and some chilli powder/cayenne and paprika. Be generous with the salt - I think I use two tablespoons of cumin to one of salt. Add the chilli and paprika according to your taste.

                                      Brush a little melted butter on the lamb and sprinkle some of the powder on it. This is great with chops - cook them in a really hot griddle and serve with extra cumin salt on the side - delicious. Serve with salad and couscous.

                                      1. I deboned a leg of lamb and smeared the inside with grainy mustard, horseradish, garlic and rosemary. Rolled and tied it up and roasted as normal.
                                        Made stock with the scraps and used it for making my gravy.
                                        You'd have thought you'd died and gone to heaven.