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Oct 11, 2006 06:32 PM

Any vegetarian-friendly restaurants in PS besides Rose Water?

Looking for a nice place for a meal in Park Slope. Want to try something different besides Rose Water and we have one strict vegetarian joining us. Have ehard bad things about V-Spot too. Thanks!

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  1. Miriam usually has one veggie entree, usually really good.
    The veggie pastas al al di la are wonderful.
    Blue Ribbon has some veggie options that are really good too.

    1. It is Chinese-style and far from haute cuisine, but there is the Vegetarian Palate on Flatbush near 6th. I've taken out from there many times and it's pretty good -- though avoid the "orange chicken" -- the textured soy in this dish tastes like leaden hocky pucks.

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        We just recently shared some takeout from Veg Palate with friends - I would not recommend unless you are seriously vegan. My biggest gripes are that its not chinese food with chinese flavoring, really, but fake meat cuisine, and overly sweet. If they just served some good stir fried vegetables Id be over there in a flash but no. Weirdly flavored strips of rubbery "meat" is what is on the menu, mostly. Serving size is massive tho. Walnetto,what do you like there?

        OP didnt say whether the guest was simply a vegetarian, or vegan.
        Id say there are some excellent dishes at Convivium that could fill out a vegetarian meal, and we recently had some wonderful, creative vegetable (probably with a lot of butter tho) at Ici.

        One of our local "gourmet" pizzerias would be excellent for a vegetarian - both Amorina and Franny's serve delicious, appropriate items.

        1. re: jen kalb

          thanks to all for suggestions. With its bright lighting, Veg palate isn't really my cup of tea. Plus, I have seen alot of negative reviews for it. I never thought to try out convivium simply because it always looked like a meat lover's place but I will look at teh menu!

          1. re: jen kalb

            I regularly take-out the Singapore Mei Fun and have enjoyed the Chicken Curry with Potatoes.

            1. re: Walnetto

              ok different strokes. I didnt like the Singapore Mei Fun at all when I had it.Are they still sweetening the dishes a lot?

              1. re: jen kalb

                Really can't say. I didn't detect any sweetness in the mei fun and that's the only thing I've had in recent months. Must confess I like the thin strips of soy "meat" in the mei fun. Not sure I'd characterize that as sweet, though.

        2. V-Spot has expanded and improved the menu, and I would suggest giving them another try, but if you won't, are you willing to leave Park Slope? Because Red Bamboo Brooklyn in Fort Greene isn't far and hasn't disappointed yet.

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            Actually, we did a trial run at Red Bamboo. Cute restaurant but we were disappointed with our extrees (although the soul chicken lived up to the hype). The food is not as tasty or well done as at Candle Cafe and that will always be our standard to measure by. Called Convivium and they had no openings. Thus, back to Rose Water which did please the vegetarian in the group.

          2. Regarding vegetarian palate -

            One recent evening I ordered the "lemon duck," and was served a thick, damp spongy pile DRENCHED in a gooey sauce similar to a fake lemon pie filling. It was the worst thing I ever tried to eat (and that's saying a lot)...I was ravenous, hadn't eaten all day, and completely lost my appetite. The scallion pancake too - a greasy, stale-tasting discus. What were the regulars in there eating? The food was beyond vegan, it was downright ascetic - as in sans pleasure.

            If enormous portions are priority no. 1, though, this is your spot. And the steamed broccoli, brown rice and water were excellent. Staff is sweet.

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