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Oct 11, 2006 06:22 PM

Is this a chain?

Noah's bagels - I've only ever seen one(in Pasadena, CA) but it has the look and feel of a chain(and a pretty good one). Anybody know?

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  1. Yes, they are a chain. They're all over in NorCal. I *think* they were puchased by Einstein Bagles several years ago. Big puffy bagels.

    1. even in SoCal there are several... Long Beach & surrounding areas for instance.

      1. I believe they're an offshoot of Einsteins.... yup. Einstein and Noah corp.

        1. they originated in northern ca. they used to be all over southern california, (pretty much everywhere they had a starbucks had one!) but i guess they expanded too quickly or something. there is one on larchmont and one on montana in santa monica as well.