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Oct 11, 2006 06:13 PM

Update on Bub Sweatman's BBQ

Ate at Sweatman's last weekend - Was wonderful outside Q, ribs, and skins. Two sauces - mustard based, and a sweeter tomato version. Contrary to previous posts, Sweatman's still have AUCE (All You Can Eat) for $7.95.

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  1. Thanks for the news, Tarheel.

    I LOVE Sweatman's ribs. And from this avowed NC BBQ lover - red and pepper base - their mustard sauce is quite fine.

    1. You have good taste Ellen - Their ribs are the best - falling off the bone - Their slaw was unusally good this time. I live in Greensboro near Lexington - so my favorite local Q is Speedy's coarse chopped with hot dip.

      1. I agree went there a month ago and had the best eating experience...had a better time than the rest of the meals in that hash and the sauces were excellent.

        1. Being based in Columbia I don't often get to visit Sweatman's. But had business in Charleston today and drove through Holly Hill this evening hoping to savor those ribs.

          Alas, I had forgotten they are open only Fridays and Saturdays. Oh! The injustice!

          So. I swerved through Eutawville and dined at Tastie Twirl #1 on Highway 6. Thier cheeseburger may not make news, but the 60s era roadside diner atmosphere is to die for.

          Tonight I'm a happy girl.

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          1. re: Ellen of SC

            Ellen - traveling through Charleston area again on way to Savannah. Want to try another BBQ similar to Sweatman's. Do you have any suggestions - Thanks

          2. Oh dear. Wish I knew the area better. Have seen mention of several lowcountry joints - will get back to you.