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west side carts review

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I recently started working around 46th and 6th and have been hitting a lot of the street food. I`ve eaten at each cart more than three times:

- 53rd and 6th: Ordered gyro and gyro/chicken over rice with white and hot sauce. Largest portion, best gyro (pressed lamb). Delicous white sauce, I thought the hot sauce was hot but not flavorful. A lot of the attraction here is the texture of the food. The chicken is tender, the lamb can be slightly crispy, the white sauce is velvety. Really, a very complex dish.

- Raffiqi: (47 and madison): Ordered gyro, chicken/lamb rice platter. I commute through grand central, so this is a solid standby. Well priced, good lamb, standard white and hot sauce.

- Kwik Cart: Ordered lamb/chicken/rice, lamb on pita, chicken on pita. Hands down, best lamb and best lamb on pita. Flavorful white sauce, flavorful green hot sauce. Lamb seems to be marinated and spiced. Not expensive by any means, but worst bang for the buck.

- Trini-pak: Ordered chicken on rice with everything, chicken roti - Best chicken on rice, best rice, best hot sauce. I ordered the white (ish) rice and it was very interesting. Some of it clumped together, but in a good way and had interesting spices. The chicken is well spiced and the hot sauce integrates perfectly into the dish. Solid value. Roti was good but have had better (actually in trinidad and in brooklyn). Most varied menu and I`d like to taste more of the trini side of the menu.

Its hard to rank trini, 53rd and kwik and I don`t really think it makes sense to do so (ie. what is the best painting?). I will say that that I believe it makes no sense to wait more than 10 minutes on the line at 53rd and 6th given the other great choices.

Daisy Maes - Ordered: chopped brisket, pulled pork. Good for NYC (damning with faint praise) bbq. Preferred the food at the restaurant, probably won`t come back to the cart due to the cost and I have higher expectations for bbq. I think the sweet mint tea in the mason jar is a bargain at $3 and will come back for that.

Moishes Fallafel - Ordered: Fallafel. Good, not great fallafel. What is it that separates this from great? The sauce is bland, the salad is fresh but not top produce...I think the pita is not warm.

I will be trying more carts in the area and updating this thread though, just to be sensible from a health perspective, I`ve limited my cart intake to once or twice/week.

If anyone has suggestions, please post here.

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  1. I hear people like Hallo Berlin, but haven't been recently. Thanks for the report, dude. Any ideas about carts downtown?

    1. I'm not by any means a cart expert, but I think the Halal cart at the NE corner of 40 and Bway is fabulous. I'm not much for the chicken, but I have lamb there at least twice a week. Just wanted to throw it out there as being worth a try, in my opinion.

      1. I suppose I will try Hallo Berlin at some point but I've never really liked wurst.

        thanks for the recco on the halal cart. Its next up for me.

        1. I work on 44th and 6th...what do you think about the cart on 45th and 6th...by citibank? what cart..exact locations do you like best. and do you know what is in the white sauce???

          1. Next time you go to Kwik Meal make sure to ask them for extra hot sauce. The florescent green one, not the jalapeno sauce. Extremely hot but very very flavorful. They won't add it unless you ask for it.