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Anybody have info on Danish Seaman's Church smorgasbord?

So around this time last year there was some discussion of an annual Scandi food event at a church in/around Brooklyn Heights. I couldn't go then, but put it on my calendar (filed under "ljutefisk time?") to look for it in '06. Does anybody have dets?

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  1. I went to it last year; sadly, no ljutefisk. But there was plenty of sandwiches and snacks - it was a great time. However, I think it was right before Thanksgiving, possibly right after.

    BTW, here's my old post on the subject:


    1. The DANISH CHURCH FAIR is great. Every Dane in the tri-State area participates. It is a great place to try Danish dishes and buy Danish Goods. Last year I bought one pound tins of Danish Butter Cookies for $1, and marzipan at a great price.

      They have dining tables set up in their garden, and it is very festive.

      You might want to check the BROOKLYN HEIGHTS PRESS for the announcements.

      For local color, and home made specialty foods, there is also YANKEE FAIR at PLYMOUTH CHURCH of the PIGRIMS and the WINTER FAIR at GRACE CHURCH.

      1. Here is a thread about last year's fair:


        This year's fair is 11/17 & 18. Here's more information:


        1. ill be there for sure! was so sad i read about this post the very night it was ending...

          1. Just a bump so people know that this is happening tomorrow, November 18. It's a good time, and the actual Danish church is a good place to go for glogg and Christmas shopping for your Scandinavian friends.

            1. im sooooo there tomorrow~!!!!!! can't wait for a polser...*drool

              1. It was fantastic again this year. At 102 Willow we had Danish hot dogs (imported from Denmark) with the fixings and frikkedellers (or however you spell that) with potato salad. Also, two glasses of glogg.

                Over at the German church part, we had the dried beef, aspic, and pate sandwich, the roast beef sandwich (both served on stiff multi-grain bread), an order of those little Danish beignets with jam, and a Carlsberg. For all of that it came to $28 between the two churches.

                Don't forget to pick up Danish foods and candies at 102 Willow - you can't go wrong with gummi larvae!

                I believe it goes until 5 pm this evening.

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                  i'm headed over now, and was going to ask if it was at the Lutheran church on Henry as well that you mentioned in your post from last year -- so glad you just posted within the past hour, as it confirms i should indeed check out both churches.

                2. it was amazing! i'm so glad for sites like chowhound to point me in the direction of events like these. i don't think i ever would have heard about this otherwise...i stocked up on nougat (danish chocolate/hazelnut confection) and homemade peppernodder cookies. so good! i bought danish flag napkins and a keychain.

                  since i won't be with my danish family for christmas this year, it was wonderful to go eat some hotdogs and smorrebord. i also went down the street and had the liver pate (delicious) and roast beef with curry mayo, and fried onions on pumpernickle.

                  i hope they have it every year!

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                    This is going on today, BTW. It's great as always - I have a "veterinarian's midnight snack" in the fridge just waiting to soak up tonight's hangover-in-waiting. It's until 6 pm I believe.