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Oct 11, 2006 05:38 PM

Malden Eats

Just moved here recently. I am on a pretty tight budget. Looking for cheap eats. Any buffets in the area that are reasonably priced and on the T? Also great places for weekend breakfasts and lunches

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  1. Panda Palace in Medford is probably as good as Tin Tin if you are into that kind of thing and is on Salem St (I think the 101 bus).

    If you take the Ferry/Broadway bus to Sullivan, you can reach either Sal e Brasa or Picanha's in Everett. Sal e Brasa has a $14.95 rodezio and I believe Picanha's was also matching that. Brasil on Ferry (delivers) and Oliveira's have fairly inexpensive lunch boxes which will feed two.

    Avellino's has inexpensive pizzas and pasta and isn't far out of the center headed toward Saugus (can't remember the bus route).

    Bambino's on highland isn't the most inexpensive, but has lunch specials and large portions.

    1. If you take the T to Wellington, head over to Kelly's Roast Beef, which is a short walk from the station.

      The Highland Cafe, on Highland Street in Malden, has some of the best pizza north of Boston, and their meals are pretty good, too. It's very old-school, and very cheap!

      1. I used to live in Malden. I LOVED Big A subs (on Highland I think)- BEST chicken parm sub ever.
        Highland cafe great for grub and beer.
        Also, there is a great 50s style hole-in-the-wall diner that has decent breakfasts- can't remember the name.
        If you can, Piantedosi's bakery is in Malden, they have delicoius bread, I think you can google them for location.

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        1. re: ShakeNBake

          I grew up in Malden and will second the vote for Big A subs.
          Pearl Street Station Restaurant on Summer St. has a great steak & lamb tip combo. Good cheap grub all around.
          The 50's diner is called Doo Wop Diner on Main St. and it has GREAT waffles. Omlets depend on who's cooking - sometimes average, sometimes amazing :)
          Saigon Noodles on Main St. is a great cheap option (chinatown quality, I swear).
          Beansprout is not chinatown quality, but the best Chinese you'll find in Malden.
          A great "take out" meal is to buy rolls from Piantedosi's and sausages from Dom's Sausage across the street. Bring then home, fry em up with onions and peppers....a true townie treat!

          1. re: InmanSQ Girl

            I'd venture that Fuloon outclasses Beansprout.

            1. re: Karl S

              I agree. Beansprout used to be my favorite, but in the last year the quality has gone way down hill. In protest, I tried Fuloon and WOW! Amazing food, and far more interesting.

              1. re: lisa13

                And another vote for FuLoon. I haven't tried Beansprout so I can't compare the two. But Fuloon has an all-you-can-eat lunch special.

        2. Fellow malden resident, here.

          My favorites in town are pho 99 (pleasant st), spice 'n hot (Indian takeout, and they really will make it *hot* - main st), hugh o'neill's (standard pub, great burgers - pleasant st) and Tivoli's (not cheap, exchange st). FuLoon has good takeout (tea smoked duck - WOW!), and I think they have a lunch buffet and dim sum (buffet?) on the weekend, but have not tried those options.

          I've heard good things about a haitian joint that is allegedly very inexpensive, but I have not tried it and am not sure where it is.

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          1. re: lisa13

            I have been to the Haitian restaurant that is right near the rotary on Main St in Everett -- it has since changed names, but I think its the same ownership. Right on Pleasant street is Courtoisie Restaurant - Creole Cuisine, but I haven't actually seen it open. Do you know anything about that and was that what you were thinking of?

            I have also had the steak tips at Highland and I thought they were pretty good. And for salvadoran with mexican and columbian touches there is cancun in Everett which is pretty inexpensive.

            1. re: itaunas

              I *think* the haitian place is on ferry street. If I can russle up the details, I'll post it.

              The creole place is very weird. I really don't know what is going on there. Once we stopped in to look at the menu and the scene was just....suspicious. There were a couple of guys hanging out, but not eating. The hostes seemed somewhat uncomfortable that we were there. There were no kitchen smells going on. We walked by a couple more times after that and saw the (same?) guys sitting, but not eating. I have not seen it open in a while.

              1. re: lisa13

                I've eaten in the Haitian place called, at least at the the time, Tata's Cuisine. It was really pretty good! Yes, there were a bunch of guys hanging out there, who seem to always be there every time I go by, and who knows, it might be a front for something, but the food was yummy, at least for my limited knowledge of Haitian food.

                We had a fried fish - lightly breaded, prtty much the whole thing - and goat stew which was a light curry and delicious. The rice was tasty.

                Bear in mind I've had very little haitian food so don't have anything to compare it to, and this was some months ago, but I have seen it open in the last few weeks.

                1. re: Raconteur

                  What does Tata mean? I ate at Chez Tata in Hyde Park, it was fine but not mind blowing.

                  1. re: Raconteur

                    yes - I think that is the place! I just googled it and it looks like it's practically next door to spice 'n hot. I can't believe I never noticed it. Thanks!

                    The place that seemed shady when I went in was the creole restaurant on pleasant street - Courtoisie. Not to be confused with the haitian place =)

                    1. re: lisa13

                      You and Chris explain why I haven't been able to eat at Courtoisie, although I never waited around long enough to get the full confusion. Creole doesn't necessarily mean Cajun, it can be Haitian (and Courtoisie seems plausable for both Cajun/Haitian creole), which is what I was thinking the restaurant might be but never managed to see a menu.

                2. re: itaunas

                  We had a really surreal experience in Courtoisie about 2 years ago. Went in around 6pm on a Friday or Saturday night. It was completely empty, and didn't smell like food at all. We finally got someone who came out and looked pretty confused by us being there. Then, we couldn't find anything on the menu that was actually available. Everything we asked about, from goat to french fries to fruit shakes, they were out of. It was like that Cheese Shop sketch from Monty Python. We finally gave up and went for Pho. Something is weird about that place.

                  Anyway, I think Pho 99 is better than Saigon Noodle for pho. We like Joti Palace a lot for Indian (and they deliver). Second the rec for Pisa Pizza. I was also surprised at how good the pizza was at Pearl Street Station.

                  1. re: Chris VR

                    We like Joti Palace a lot too; Northern Indian that is fairly well done and pretty cheap. Always seems empty when we are there though. Guess folks know we are coming.

              2. oh yeah - pisa pizza is good for delivery.