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Oct 11, 2006 05:25 PM

Looking for a liquor store selling turkish raki

sending off a friend and want to see her out right
willing to go manhattan/outer.b-
posing on this board and the manhattan what's my craving boards
thanks in advance

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  1. Liquor stores in Astoria and Sunnyside will stock it. I'm pretty sure I've seen it at Grand Liquors on 30th St in Astoria. Also, the big liquor store on Broadway in Manhattan near NYU has a number of rakis, dunno if any of them are Turkish.

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      It's called Warehouse, and it's got the best bargains on hard stuff in the City. I used to buy Chinaco Plato (silver) at $19.00 a bottle till the NYT*#$%^&MES ran a big tasting on high end tequilas, and the price jumped up a Jackson.

    2. where are you? Are you looking for the one with the cool turkish guy on the label?

      1. I first went to Astor, but they didn't have any. They said they normally carry one. Warehouse carried club raki, which my turkish friend told me is one of the oldest and best.

        I went to murray's afterwards and showed Cielo the bottle, and explained that I heard it went well with melon. He picked out a cheese that was labled as ricott salatasi or something similar but he said it was something else- something better that he had special and should be perfect and it was. I ended up buying honeydew.
        We planned on making kofte/corbansalatasi/pilaf- Ottomanelli's had lamb- but said I should have come earlier for the really fatty stuff. the meal went well and got my turkish friend's approval for accuracy- thanks for your recommendations.