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Oct 11, 2006 05:20 PM

Visiting Brooklyn and Hungry for At Least One Memorable Meal...

Aside from DiFarra's and the other usual suspects. One place I'm considering, at the advice of a Brooklyn friend, is 360 in Red Hook.
I'm looking for other delicious options, as I've heard some mixed feedback about 360 and damnit, I won't have an unsatisfying dinner when I know there are so many good ones to be had.

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  1. al di la for amazing Venetian food. No reservations, so get there at 6 or be prepared to wait. Chestnut on Smith Street is quite good, too, and the same price as 360 if you're going on M-W. Dressler in Williamsburg has been getting some nice reviews, and a handful of people like Queen's Hideaway in Greenpoint.

    1. I'm going to tag on to this to ask for similar info. I'm scheduled to have dinner in Brooklyn this Saturday with friends who live in Williamsburg, but since I supposedly keep up with the dining scene, they're going to look to me for suggestions. Trouble is I haven't really kept up with Brooklyn lately, except in regard to some more storefront-y places that wouldn't be right for this. (The friends have a new baby, and will probably be interested in an at least minimally comfortable dining environment for one of their rare nights out.)

      I'm looking for something new-ish, or not new but possibly overlooked. I've been skipping over Italian places in the research I've done so far, since I'm tentatively scheduled to make a big Italian meal the next day (pasta with ragu, etc.), but I'm not ruling out that cuisine entirely.

      Let me provide some feedback too. We went to Dressler (with these same people) not long after it opened, and were kind of underwhelmed. Some things were quite nice, others were just OK. The room was strikingly attractive, though.

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        Baci & Abbracci (Italian/pizza) looked like a nice space. How about Marlow and Sons? I've seen babies in there. And Monkey Town's front room may be OK if you go early.

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          I have had one meal at 360 and felt was happy with everything. Pricing, food, service and wine.

        2. The one meal I had at 360 was fine but nothing special, and we didn't get very nice service. I've heard much better things about The Good Fork. We ate at Restaurant Saul last weekend and had a wonderful dinner, beautiful food, great service, really nice.

          1. I personally really like 360. There was a recent thread on it on this board here: