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Oct 11, 2006 05:14 PM

Burrito Boyz

My new fave lunch spot. I just discovered Burrito Boyz. I tried the Halibut Burriot and boy is it good. I know a fish burrito but honestly it's the best I've ever tasted. what do you other hounds think?

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  1. They have been discussed here many times, try 'Burrito Boyz' in the search bar. Love the halibut burrito myself as well...

    1. Ok, I am embarassed to ask this, but would you please provide a description of this burrito. I work steps away from Burrito Boyz, but I hesitate to go in because I am not sure what I'll end up with. The only reference I have for a burrito is heavy, cheeze laden Mexican food that I didn't much care for. Can you post a description that will leave my mouth watering and ensure I don't pass them by again?

      much appreciated.

      1. It can be as light or as heavy as you want, you pick what they put in there. This is basically a California-style burrito, tightly wrapped and grilled on the flattop. Your basic pseudo-Tex-Mex crap involves drowning it in cheese and suace...not at Burrito Boys. Frankly, I'm hard-pressed to think of a better cheap lunch to go in the downtown core.

        My favourite? Small beef (Cumbrae Farms) with everything but sour cream - the homemade chili-lime burrito sauce is better. Homemade refried beans in there, tasty rice, veggies, jalapenos, yum. Spend the extra 25 cents for guac. Seriously, go now.

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          ^^^ Agree completely. Although I'm partial to the halibut burrito (think crisp fried chunks of halibut in place of the beef) you can't go wrong with either.

        2. I love the halibut burrito. I ate the chicken burrito the first few times I went, but then after all the great reviews on the halibut I knew I hard to try it. I was hooked. I have yet to have tried the steak since I love the halibut so much.

          Thankfully I don't work close to there. I only say this cause I know that if I did I would gain 10lbs from eating at Burrito Boyz all the time.

          Ok now I have to make a special trip to that area to get one.

          1. Ok, you've sold me...especially on the crispy halibut.
            I don't get to the office everyday, but I'll make sure I go next time I am in.

            Thanks everyone for sharing.