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Burrito Boyz

My new fave lunch spot. I just discovered Burrito Boyz. I tried the Halibut Burriot and boy is it good. I know a fish burrito but honestly it's the best I've ever tasted. what do you other hounds think?

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  1. They have been discussed here many times, try 'Burrito Boyz' in the search bar. Love the halibut burrito myself as well...

    1. Ok, I am embarassed to ask this, but would you please provide a description of this burrito. I work steps away from Burrito Boyz, but I hesitate to go in because I am not sure what I'll end up with. The only reference I have for a burrito is heavy, cheeze laden Mexican food that I didn't much care for. Can you post a description that will leave my mouth watering and ensure I don't pass them by again?

      much appreciated.

      1. It can be as light or as heavy as you want, you pick what they put in there. This is basically a California-style burrito, tightly wrapped and grilled on the flattop. Your basic pseudo-Tex-Mex crap involves drowning it in cheese and suace...not at Burrito Boys. Frankly, I'm hard-pressed to think of a better cheap lunch to go in the downtown core.

        My favourite? Small beef (Cumbrae Farms) with everything but sour cream - the homemade chili-lime burrito sauce is better. Homemade refried beans in there, tasty rice, veggies, jalapenos, yum. Spend the extra 25 cents for guac. Seriously, go now.

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          ^^^ Agree completely. Although I'm partial to the halibut burrito (think crisp fried chunks of halibut in place of the beef) you can't go wrong with either.

        2. I love the halibut burrito. I ate the chicken burrito the first few times I went, but then after all the great reviews on the halibut I knew I hard to try it. I was hooked. I have yet to have tried the steak since I love the halibut so much.

          Thankfully I don't work close to there. I only say this cause I know that if I did I would gain 10lbs from eating at Burrito Boyz all the time.

          Ok now I have to make a special trip to that area to get one.

          1. Ok, you've sold me...especially on the crispy halibut.
            I don't get to the office everyday, but I'll make sure I go next time I am in.

            Thanks everyone for sharing.

            1. The first couple of times I went, I had the chicken burrito and the steak burrito. Both good but after reading all the raves on this board, I had to try the halibut burrito. For me, there's no turning back - crispy pieces of halibut (with a taste of lime), burrito sauce, guacamole, rice, beans and a bit of cheese. I like a bit of sour cream and hot sauce as well. It's amazing. One word of warning - the burritos are really filling. I can scarf down my fair share of food but for me, the "small" is more than enough to overstuff me. And the line ups can be very long at lunchtime but they move pretty quickly. Enjoy!

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              1. re: peppermint pate

                1) Yes, this is not authentic Mexican food.
                2) On the other hand, it is quite tasty.
                3) It's true - the chicken burrito is very good, but once you try the halibut, you'll never go back.

                1. re: Mississauga Matt

                  It's a reasonable interp of Cal-Mex, in fact I'd say Burrito Boyz is better than most SF burrito places I've ever been to. Lack of pork carnitas kinda sucks, but this is still part of a "real" culinary form.

              2. All this burrito talk is killing me! Will see if the wife can stop by on the way home and bring me a large halibut for dinner tomorrow... :-)

                1. Any truth to the rumour I heard that there is a third location?

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                      one location is at Peter and Richmond and the other is at Simcoe and Adelaide. A third location would be good....i love burriot boyz...

                  1. there is a burrito boyz in kensington market, not sure the street though, may be kensington street just a bit below college

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                        oops, ya I realised it is big fat burrito, my bad :P

                    1. no i think your mistaking that for Big Fat Burrtio which is in Kensington Market. there are only two locations one at simcoe and adelaide and another at richmond and peter.

                      1. BF and I are huge fans of the bean and cheese burritos, too! Apparently they import the tortillas from down south...all of the ingredients are top-notch. I love how the vegetables taste as they should. I am so sick of buying woody tomatoes and jalapenos at the grocery store that taste like green pepper!

                        Here here for Burrito Boyz!

                        1. These things are dreadful, so bad that LA's worst burro benders on a bad day would put these clowns to shame. Someday TO will get decent Mexican food--both upscale and street--that will sink this schlock forever. Great if sheer tonnage and grease define good eats, sorta like nightmare old school CNE grub.

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                            I don't consider Burrito Boyz to be true to the roots mexican, just a fresh, tasty, filling, and relatively cheap meal. I certainly wouldn't consider it be as bad as you seem to think. Thanks for your valuable insight though.

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                              Totally disagree. I've had dozens of Cali burritos and Burrito Boyz is as tasty as most.

                            2. I've eaten burritos all over LA and San Diego, and yeah maybe Burrito Boyz doesn't compare with the best of them, but it compares favourably with most. For Toronto it's pretty bloody good. Maybe some day we'll have a Latino food culture similar to LA, although demographics don't suggest that'll happen any time soon. For now, as far as "schlock" goes, it sure does taste good.

                              1. The veggie burritos are very 'ho hum'.

                                1. We tried Mucho Burrito on Dixie Rd in Mississauga. It's my first real burrito (non Taco Bell) since we live in 905. I thought it was really good. 3 different salsas to choose from, varying heat. lots of styles. I had pulled beef but next time would probably try steak. It looked great. All the food was fresh and tasty, and the service was friendly, helpful, and fast.

                                  1. Does the halibut and beef burritos taste good as leftovers?

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                                      One evening after partying to hard, we stumbled into BB and drunkenly ordered the beef burrito. I ate half, carried the other half in my coat onto the taxi. It eventually found its way to the fridge. There is almost nothing better to cure the hangover with :)

                                    2. Yes there is a third B B in the works. It is in Mississauga at Stavebank & Lakeshore (Port Credit)...hopefully it will be opend late for the after hours crowd. Not sure when opening but looks like any day now.

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                                        I walked by the Mississauga location (on Stavebank, north of Lakeshore, east side) this afternoon. The sign said it's opening Monday Nov 6.

                                      2. Just when PC looked to be crawling out of a long food slump(e.g.., Lago), these guys show up! Something new for the barflys to nibble, I guess...

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                                          Try Clarkson Village - Spoon & Fork a great Thai rest that just opened up. Have tried almost everything on the menu since they opened about 2 mths ago, weekends very busy but service is still very good & attentive. PC try Hooks...great food in price and flavor, tiny location and therefore on weekends a little loud due to this.

                                        2. Tried BB for the first time tonight and the fried halibut one was awesome. I also bought a beef one to take home and try tomorrow.

                                          1. Okay, time for me to chime in.

                                            I went for lunch today and loved, loved, loved it.
                                            I ordered a fish and a steak (So I could bring home leftovers for Mrs Sippi to try).
                                            The steak and fish were both great. I loved the toppings they have. All nice and fresh. Great sauces.
                                            I did go for the hot sauce and wifey won't like that and I think I'd skip it next time. It'll knock your socks off if you're not careful. I shall make it there more often. Worth the drive down town.


                                            1. We tried Burrito Boyz after reading many rave reviews, and we were quite disappointed....having lived in California and practically surviving on burritos there, these were bland....there was also too much meat for my tastes. So we just keep dreaming of eating them back in California....

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                                                My husband and I haven't eaten burritos in California and we found Burrito Boyz burritos to be very bland too! I tried the much praised Halibut and my husband, the chicken.

                                                We ate the whole thing because we were really hungry but decided not to go again.

                                              2. I tried the Halibut burrito last Sat., and didn't get what the hype is about...

                                                Would be willing to try again, so what toppings are suggested to have the "ultimate" halibut burrito experience? (I also found it on the bland side...)

                                                1. tried the halibut today. it was good but not mind-blowing. maybe because i took it home so the fish had softened already. still very good though! i'm so glad they finally opened another location. the lines weren't as long today.

                                                  1. i agree the veggie one is mediocre.

                                                    1. I've never had any luck finding a "California" style burrito here in Toronto. I'm looking for something similar to what I used to get at La Salsa or Baja Fresh in L.A. -- No rice or beans, just grilled chicken, sirloin steak or pork carnitas, guacamole, cheese and fresh salsa wrapped in a flour tortilla.

                                                      Any suggestions?

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                                                      1. re: Richard_S

                                                        How 'bout asking BB to make it just like that??


                                                      2. I've been ordering the chicken and find it very bland. It seems like they don't season the meat or any of the fillings.

                                                        1. try the halibut it's the best out of them all. I've tried them all and my fave is the halibut :-)

                                                          1. Had one after a Leaf Game one night.

                                                            I think it's one of those places that makes REALLY good food if you've been sucking on a daught tap all night. Not sure I'd be so brave as to try it sober.

                                                            It was great mind you.