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Best Ruben Sandwich in Toronto?

I have had some that were decent to downright disgusting.

Any thoughts?

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  1. I'm not sure if you can get a good one anywhere in TO anymore. I'd try Moe Pancer's though at Bathurst and Wilson.

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      Agree with pescatarian. I haven't had a good reuben here in ages. The absolute best I've ever had, surprisingly, was at a gas station restaurant in Arkansas during our road trip. So, I'd love to hear where I can get good reuben's in the city too. (I had one at Dunn's a couple years ago and wasn't impressed.)

    2. I just did a search online (it's amazing what you can find, really), but I found the following:

      Apparently there's a placed called the Corned Beef House at 303 Adelaide West that has a very good reuben sandwich.

      Also, I found this link to someone listing the best reuben's on the road and they listed a place in Mississauga - Rigatta Bar & Grille - 6750 Mississauga Road.

      1. gotta try the reuben @ Switzers Airport deli
        just north of the airport
        7310 Torbram Road
        Mississauga, ON L4T 3X2

        reuben, fries and cole slaw .... oh yeah !

        tx Stewart

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          Coleman's Deli on Bathurst just north of Lawrence, on the east side of the street. Their Reuben is really good. If I remember correctly, you have to ask for Thousand Island dressing with it, because they don't put the requisite Russian dressing on it automatically.

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            Coleman's on Bathurst has been closed for quite a while and it's a mercy...the last couple of years it was like 'Desolation Row' as Bob Dylan might say...In its heyday it was a pretty good deli...

        2. Peter's on Eglington is a must! Bring your appeitite

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            Peter's is INSANE!!! Been there many a time. The amount of food you get could feed a small army platoon!!! Great food too, and the prices are VERY reasonable. (Oh and yes, their Reuben's are FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!)

            Peter's On Eglinton
            1035 Eglinton Ave E, Mississauga, ON L4W1K4, CA

            1. re: TuxOtaku

              Thanks Peter ; )
              Goody's makes a pretty awesome Reuben too.

          2. Best Reuben I've had so far is at the corned beef house in Toronto

              1. I hope my craving lasts until tomorrow... Peter's is too far away but I've been here, and while I know that their huge portions are part of their schtick, they're so big it's almost disturbing. Anyway... checked out Pancer's and Katz's Deli menus online - was shocked that neither have a Reuben on the menu. Guess it's going to be the Corned Beef House if this feeling lasts. Wonder why it would be so difficult to reproduce that experience? It's not like it's complicated...

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                  The recently reopened Prague Deli has a very tasty rendition they call the "Czech Smoker".

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                    Close by you can get a mini Reuben at 416 snack bar. It's good.

                    1. re: szw

                      Caplanskys has Ruebens available all the time these days. Pretty tasty.

                  2. re: Moimoi

                    IMO, it's not really that surprising, when you consider that Katz's and Pancer's are old school "kosher style" delis. While not Kosher per se, I think it would be unusual to see meat/cheese combinations on their menus. (even though a Reuben would be easy to produce)

                  3. I have a friend that will only meet me for lunch at the Pickle Barrel at Sherway Gardens, and the ruben is the only thing I have ever eaten there. It's full of flavour and greasy, just how I like them!

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                      That's it! Grease! Even though I'm quite a proficient cook, I still bet I couldn't reproduce one of these sandwiches to taste like that from a good deli.... Neither here nor there, but just one of those things that fascinates me. Sometimes it's the simple things that are the greatest challenge.

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                        I would offer that more often than you think it's harder to get the simple things right. There less room to hide imperfections.


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                        i enjoy the corned beef house version....