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New location for Cambodian Cuisine?

I've heard that Cambodian Cuisine, formerly of Ft. Greene, Brooklyn, has moved to Manhattan, specifically the UES. Does anyone know if this is true, and if so, whether the new location is open and where it is located? Thanks.

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  1. 1664 3rd Ave. (near 93rd), but construction work has dragged on for months. I just called them at 646-207-0207. The fellow who answered the phone said they're at least two months away from opening.

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      Sorry for the belated reply. Thanks very, very much for this info!

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        The sign is up and I actually noticed tables and chair last night. Still says "Coming Soon" on the window. However, there is a legal notice taped to the door that has "Wrong Address" written in block letters, I took a peek at it and seems the landlord is suing. But again, the address appears to be incorrect on the notice. So the mystery continues.

      2. this is very sad. i've been craving decent khmer cooking for a couple of months, and i'm going to the met today and thought i could pop in if they were open. i guess i can't.

        1. Is this the location where Ecco-la used to be? Yeah they've been dragging on the construction for months.

          1. they are a few blocks from Ecco-la. Still not sure of opening date, but it looks like a lot of progress has been made.

            1. They are right next door to Osso Buco and a half block north of Ecco-la, which re-opened about a month or so ago. It looks like no work has been done in a while, the outside of the building will need work as well as the inside (I think it was some sort of junk store before!) I was looking forward to having a place so close to my apt. especially since Saigon Grill is still in the throws of its ongoing renovations.

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                i just called the number listed above, in hopes that the restaurant would be open (especially since it's cambodian new year!), but no such luck. the guy who answered the phone told me it'll be about a month. since that was the reply months ago too, does anyone have a personal guess as to opening, based on walking by the place? i'm dying for some khmer food!

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                  Unfortunately, I don't have an update on when it's opening, but if you're craving Khmer food, I would suggest heading to the LES for Kampuchea Noodle Bar. Granted, it's a little upscale, and pricy for a noodle bar, but it does serve up some authentic cambodian flavors that can't be found elsewhere in Manhattan.

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                    Keith -- Thanks very much for the recommendation. Never been to Kampuchea -- I'll give it a try!

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                      Kampuchea is my first experience with Cambodian food and entirely positive. Their corn appetizer and oxtail banh mi (sorry -- I forgot the Khmer term for it) were just about the most flavorful and satisfying things I've eaten in a while. I've become obsessed with trying to recreate the corn with coconut before the season ends. And with even just those 2 orders, I was overfull. One needn't drop a ton of money to eat well here.

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                      Thanks for doing the legwork. Who knows, maybe it really will be sometime this month!

                  2. it looks like some progress has been made--you can now see inside and place is painted, some light fixtures etc...but still lots of debris. can't believe it's been almost a year!

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                      See NYTimes article from this past Wed (9/5). Lots of general contractor changes, the guy is in debt, but it looks like there's light at the end of the tunnel.

                    2. Are there any updates to the restaurant opening? I read the NYT article about his situation and it breaks my heart. Hopefully it's up and running by now?

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                        I've not heard anything new, but it is quite near to us, so I'll try to walk by over the weekend and check it out.

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                          They were doing work the other day and the front was opened so I peeked in. It looks like they've started cleaning up the construction mess a bit which can only be a good sign. They still have the "coming soon.." signs on the glass which you can only see when the front is open, but no dates. It still surprises me that they chose a spot that was nothing more than a junk store to make a restaurant. Could the rent be that much cheaper that it was worth it to not find a closed restaurant? Who knows, just looking forward to it since I live around the corner.

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                            Thanks for the update. I'm a bit further west, but often head east to eat since the choices on Madison are all generally expensive!

                      2. Noticed they started stocking the bar a few weeks back. Just heard a rumor it is opening tomorrow (June 23).

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                          Walked by earlier and it is true...It has finally opened. Haven't tried yet but they were serving lunch and dinner today. Looking forward to trying it!