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Oct 11, 2006 04:41 PM

high end restaurants florence?

hey guys -
i'm in florence now, wanting to see what others think is the best really nice restaurant in florence. any suggestions?

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  1. i love caffe pitti. nice not HIGH end, but they specialize in truffles. yummie. one of the owners is johnny. he's very very nice. or go to piazza santo spirito.

    1. sandwich-wise, this is cheap but amazing, please i beg you to go to Oil Shoppe. its behind the duomo past the hospital, on Via San Edigio. please go. its amazing, my mouth is watering.....

      1. High end in Florence equals Enoteca Pinchiorri. One of the grandest restaurants in the world and the # 1 wine cellar for a restauarant in the world.

        1. go to La Giostra. not only is the food incredible, but the atmosphere is amazing. it's a great experience you wont regret it.

          1. Cibrèo has always received good reviews and is upscale in presentation and price.