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Oct 11, 2006 04:38 PM

Dallas: Anyone try I Love Sushi?

Has anyone been to I Love Sushi on the corner of Preston and Frankfort?
All you can eat sushi special?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Had dinner there a couple of weeks ago. Masive sushi bar, with boats floating in a "stream" around the bar carying various types of sushi, you take what you like. We arrived early, only ones there, and at the time the selection was not great and seemd to have been "floating" around for a while. As time passed and the restaurant got busier, a number of sushi chefs were working to put out new fresh sushi & sashimi. I found the sashimi to be better than the sushi or rolls. Overall quality was average+. Had Tuna, Salmon, Yellow Tail, Snapper, White Tuna, ... Good Value for the money. Not as good as places like Sushi Sake, but reasonable without breaking the bank. Same quanity eaten anywhere else would cost 3 times as much. Service was friendly, efficient, they brought out some cooked items for our young daughter, although she preferred the sushi. I'll go back.

      Also in the same shopping center, next to Cafe Express is the new C-Rolls sushi, also good, reasonable prices, some inventive rolls, very friendly service.

      1. Erlier this afternoon the following was posted by Kim Harwell on the Dallas Morning News Over The Top Blog

        October 12, 2006
        Missing the boat

        Raw fish fans hoping to take advantage of I Love Sushi’s all-you-can eat concept had better act fast. The North Dallas restaurant (located at the corner of Preston and Frankford) will close next week for renovations and a revamping aimed at turning the budget-friendly eatery into a more upscale sushi bar — presumably with more upscale prices. Management hopes to reopen within a couple of weeks, but the all-you-can-eat format will be abandoned, as will the floating sushi boats that currently transport their culinary cargo from the sushi chefs to their hungry-but-frugal diners.

        Posted by Kim Harwell at 4:48 PM"

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        1. re: bigballoon

          They didn't say the exact date, did they? I'm be interested in checking it out sometime soon, but earliest I could go is probably monday.

        2. Big Balloon,

          What was the cost per person?

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          1. re: MarcusB

            I think it was $18.95 per person. Not positive but somewhere very close to thiss figure.

          2. Okay it delivered everything that was promised: all you can eat, sushi boats, and an $18.95 price tag.

            What I did learn is that they closed for remodeling today and will try to reopen on Thursday. It will have the same concept of the sushi boats and AYCE, but the trough will be smaller (maybe keep the fish more fresh??) and there will be some tables for larger groups. They are also adding a full bar, in which the manager promised me Red Bull and Vodka drinks. I'm not sure that I am a red bull and vodka man, but I digress.

            Now on to my review:
            The fish itself was prety fresh, no complaints. The salmon and tuna were fresh, big pieces and pretty good. The roll selection was very very limited and had california roll after california roll repeating in various other "schemes".

            Was it worth $18, probably if you are a quantity over quality diner.

            Would I go back? Maybe for lunch.