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Anthony's subs in Stoneham, ever been? How do I make a "NE style" italian sub?

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I think the Italian sub there is the best in the WORLD. What do you have to do to re-create that "new england" style sub? I got the cappicola, genoa, provolone, oregano, oil&vinegar, s&p.... but it just doesn't taste the same. :(

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  1. Got to get the Hots! You ought to try calling them and ask what goes on their sub. Maybe salami? some ham?

    1. They do have great subs- though I havent' been there in years. DO they still cut the cold cuts for each sub as you order? And I remember their braided rolls as being very good. I think they have weird hours, though.
      If making the subs yourself- But the meat for the sandwiches at Anthony's ( or Pace in Saugus), get your rolls at piantadosi's in Malden and add the organo,onions, tomaotes, pickles ( hamburger dill chips), and hot peppers. I would add th oil, and skip the vinegar.

      1. add some Mortadella and get a good sub roll

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          That just may be what I'm missing. Now... can I find mortadella in ATL? lol

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            Order from here:


            Of course, I have the pleasure of being able to take a five minute walk there whenever I want. Not bragging, just saying. :)

        2. I found an oil dressing near the deli section at market basket or even Atlantic in Reading and my sandwiches taste the same as the Italian subs that I love!!

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            Yep thats the secret, the stuff is called Beano's submarine topping. Roche brothers has it in the condiment isle as well. http://www.conroyfoods.com/sub.htm

            You also need the crushed hot red peppers, B&G is the one i use. In the condiment isle. The one on the left in the Toppers section here. http://www.bgfoods.com/bgcondiments/b...

            Also any brand of hamburger dill pickle slices.

            That with the meats you have will do it.

          2. Anthony's is a legend in my mom's mind. Italian subs are her favorite and Anthony's is the standard to which she holds all the others.

            It's been awhile since we got subs there. I think it's time to go again! Thanks for the reminder!

            1. I went there today for lunch as a result of this thread (I work near by)and they do not fool around. The sandwhich was girthy, maybe close to two pounds!?
              I got it on the braided roll (very good) and yes they still slice the cold cuts per order. The ingredients for the sub is Genoa salami, mortadella, cappacolla and provolone cheese. I could barely eat 1/2 for lunch, took the rest home. Other sandwhiches I saw there as I was waiting looked good (and big) too. I seemed that the guys behind the counter know just about every customer by name.

              Good call, Thanks