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Oct 11, 2006 03:57 PM

Blue Coral in NB?

Going tonight for dinner. What's good and what's to be avoided? I havent heard many reviews about this place yet...

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  1. Haven't been yet, but there was a review in the OC Register last month:

    1. Riviera mag has a review of it in their current issue, if you can get your hands on a copy before tonight. If not, they rec the Lobster Feugo and Lobster mac 'n' cheese as "of the best duos since Cheech and Chong." The unexpected buttermilk biscuits are the "best biscuits you'll find outside a Southern roadhouse". They also like the yellowtail crudo with blood-orange vinaigrette and serrano chilies, the Fuji apple and blue cheese slaw and for dessert, the massive Chocolate-peanut butter Goodness.

      1. We're supposed to go this weekend...would love to hear all the yummy details because it's between that and Ambrosia. Can't make up my mind.

        1. Went with some friends last month. I can't remember what everyone had BUT The lobster mac and cheese was hands down a favorite. Everyone said it was wonderful. I don't eat cheese so I can't comment.

          If you do decide to do the Lobster Fuego and Mac N Cheese combo, it is a good portion. Will easily feed 2 or more. The Mac N Cheese alone could feed 2.

          The Yellowtail Crudo (appetizer) was ok. I felt the sauce was a bit overpowering for the delicate fish. Mojitos weren't as good as I have had at some places in LA (Luna Park) but not bad. For the price, I would expect better.

          Did not have dessert so I can't comment on it but the cappucino was very good.

          Service was very good and it was a very fun atmosphere.