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Oct 11, 2006 03:57 PM

UES Mussels?

Have the craving for mussels and want to stay in the ‘hood. Been walking past La Tour for 4+ years but have never been. Anyone had their all-you-can-eat deal recently?

Any other rec’s for mussels on the UES? Jacques?


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  1. I love the mussels at Jubilee on E. 54th

    1. I've had the all you can eat mussels at La Tour on a number of occasions and found them to be good. I like the mustard sauce best. They also have some inexpensive, decent wines. Give it a shot.

      1. Oh yes, Jacques is a good bet, too, but La Tour is just easier.

        1. The La Tour moules frites deal is quite nice, and the place is very Frenchy, almost to the point of kitsch. The mussels are fresh and tasty. You get a choice of flavors. The fries are decent too.

          1. I recently had the mussels with chiorizo at Jacques. They were really delicious. I have never been to La Tour, but now you have me curious!