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Oct 11, 2006 03:38 PM

Starbuck's maple macchiato-have you tried it?

I went to the local Starbuck's near work (W.Santa Clara/Market in San Jose, CA) and they had maple macchiato. I didn't find it at the Banff, Alberta, Starbuck's which I thought was weird, so to try it in Calif. is awesome.

It wasn't very sweet during the first few sips, but near the end all the syrup must have sunk to the bottom and it got very sweet.

A tall cup of maple macchiato was $3.15 US.

Have you tried it and what did you think?

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  1. Maple's not exactly native to Banff, so that doesn't surprise me -- and while I'm sure they have Starbucks in New Brunswick, I don't remember seeing any...

    That said, is it maple syrup or maple flavouring? I assume the latter. I'll check my local Fourbucks (Victory/Coldwater) next time I go, and probably just order a short in case it sucks.

    1. I tried it last year. The maple latte was better than the macchiato.
      Not too sweet and filled with real maple flavor. I'm in Boston though and last year they used real maple syrup. Not sure what they are using this year, I'll find out on Friday.

      1. I wouldn't be surprised if they're using real maple syrup. I was visiting a Quebec maple syrup operation one February, and they commonly sweeten coffee with maple syrup. I've gotten in the habit of doing that instead of sugar when faced with bad coffee in a breakfast diner.

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          It seems like tis the season for flavoured coffees... I was just wondering about that Starbucks Maple thing myself.. I am surprised we don't have it in Canada let alone Quebec with all those sugaring-off farms. It would be probably too sweet for me. I tried *bucks mocha macchiato & I was surprised that it was to my liking. Some other chowhound was talking about their Pumpkin spiced latte but it probably isn't available here either...

            1. re: Yummy Stuff

              Its the new flavor, started at all of the *$ on October 3...all the advertising/boards in all stores I have gone to, even at airports show Maple Macchiato...

          1. I don't really like to drink "coffee/espresso drinks," other than normal coffee and sometimes cafe americano, but I thought it was pretty okay. My husband got one, and I agree that it gets sweeter because the syrup must sink. I don't really like sweet coffee though, so that turned me off a little. If it would all taste like the section near the very top, I think I would have enjoyed it a little more.

            1. Had it today, but iced. Loved it as a cold beverage, don't know if it would have been as enticing hot. Very sweet, I don't normally put any kind of sweetener in my coffee so I'm not used to it but I love maple, so what the heck as a treat. Only had a "tall" which was plenty for me. And yes, the syrup sunk to the bottom - I gave the cup a good whirl to mix it all up tho and that worked fine.