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Oct 11, 2006 03:33 PM

Yum Yum Fish Monger Returning!

From Tablehopper...
"I heard a tip that local favorite ~YUM YUM FISH~ has been missing its French fishmonger—seems some folks on Chowhound have noticed the same thing. It ends up Yum Yum Fish gained a new owner in July: Hong Tu, who owns New Hai Ky next door. Tu confirmed that Karim the beloved fishmonger is actually on vacation, and should be back soon—after ten years of working straight with no break, he wanted some time off. (Uh, yeah, I would too.) The original owner retired (he's 70) but still swings by. Tu expressed how everything is definitely going to remain status quo with no changes, and they are happy to uphold the establishment's reputation for kindliness and good product. 2181 Irving Street at 23rd Ave., 415-566-6433."

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  1. But what about the sushi chefs? Are they on vacation too?

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    1. re: larochelle

      Good question....they said they don't want to change a thing....we'll see!!!

        1. re: larochelle

          Yeah...I remember that post.....we'll have to give it some time I guess, if the French Fishmonger actually does the ordering and preparation.