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Oct 11, 2006 03:22 PM

Lunch today in South'ish San Jose?

Meeting a friend for lunch...looking for a decent place *between* downtown SJ and Curtner/ Branham (I work at Adobe, she works at Xilinx).
She's not really interested in food and suggested Mandarin Gourmet... Please save me from medicore chinese and bad chains. Is there anything?

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  1. here are some suggestions:

    also these on my wishlist:
    El Gallo Giro:

    Rokko's (Japanese), downtown SJ.

    please post where you end up and how it went.

    1. How about Aqui? There's one on Snell and one in Willow Glen.

      1. there have been *some* south san jose posts on Pho & other vietnamese.. those might be helpful.


        Tlaquepaque #3 location is just a block up off of curtner (from 87)...

        not exactly central, but not too far a drive from downtown & xilinx.. what about Chez Sovan on bascom (across street from kirk's burger). they have decent lunch specials and fast service.

        Tomo sushi on snell (as mentioned in link from hhc) is also a good choice.

        1. Erin, please tell us there's a happy ending to this tale.

          1. Thanks for the rec's...we ended up in Campbell. She's pregnant so sushi was out and she's not an adventurous eater.
            Had lunch at Twist Cafe; American w/ a French flair (their description).
            We both had a main salad: Oriental Chicken and Classic Cobb. Greens were good, freash, had flavor; handled my request for no cheese well (with some good natured ribbing from the French owner). Dressings came on the side, and were fine. Also had a dessert crepe: apricot w/o whip cream or butter. I was hoping the apricot would have been more like confit or preserves. More like jam. I like apricot jam (it's the only jam I"ll eat) but was hoping for something with more piazz.
            Overall, solid, would go back to try more and see about the depth of their kitchen.

            Twist Cafe and Twist Bistro
            247 E. Campbell Ave.
            Campbell, CA 95008
            Phone: 408.374.8982

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              All's well that ends well, sounds like just the right kind of place for the situation.