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Oct 11, 2006 03:17 PM

Tides Fall menu Review

Went to Tide last night for the launch of their Fall menu. This season seems to be following a Spanish theme and it was good.

We started out with my favorite Fried Clams and Oysters which are always great and the Mussels and Chorizo Stew, not so much a stew as a thick broth but very tasty.

My wife loves whole fish so she had the Stuffed Red Snapper which was nothing short of amazing, they always do the freshest whole fish here, our friend Amanda had the Lobster Roll which was herbed with cilantro this season and instead of sweet potato chips they made the switch to yuca chips which were thin sliced and a very nice with the menu theme. I have the Bouillabaisse, so glad they bought this back, can't use enough words to describe it but those that have been to Tides know what I'm talking about. And my new favorite side dish is the Honey Eggplant, batter fried and dripped with honey, man, you gotta try this.

Dessert was simple, a rice pudding and cheesecake that I'm not too excited about. As for the wine, we were going to get a bottle of Pinot Gris (my wifes favorite) but Steven was nice enough to give us each a glass of a El Coto rioja that he will be serving on the new wine menu, it was very nice, full flavor with a strong taste of berries, it worked well with my Booya(haha, as I like to call it). Steven shared a little info about the new wine list and there's something to be said about a small well put together list.

All in all as usual and great meal with great service. Going back this weekend to try the other new items and wanted to share with you Hounders.


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  1. Thanks, sounds delicious...

    Someone posted a long time ago about the possibility of a Tides seafood brunch. Any feedback on that from anyone?

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      I've only been there for dinner (Delicious!), but you can see the brunch menu on their website.

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        Thanks - couldn't find a menu when I looked last time. Can't wait to go...