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Oct 11, 2006 03:07 PM

Degustation Tonight

What has been good there lately?
Is the tasting the menu the way to go?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Haven't been in a few months (so the menu might have changed) but wanted to reply since I whole-heartedly disagree with the previous poster. I absolutely loved my meal there as well as the atmosphere, particularly being able to speak with the chef as he was preparing our dishes. Some of the highlights I tried were the croquetas, tortilla and squid (can't remember the others, but it was all great). Didn't see the need to do as tasting menu since the portions are small and easy to share so I could focus on dishes I wanted to try. I highly recommend going there asap.

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        I agree with Phil E. I haven't been in a couple of months (I think we were last there in August), but the food was as good as ever. you don't need the tasting menu, just choose a few things that you'd like to try. i'd recommend the croquetas, squid stuffed with short ribs, pork belly, roast beef sandwich, and the spanish 'tortilla' with the slow poached egg. i also like sitting around the chefs, and watching them cook. you can ask them questions on the preparations, etc.

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          Yes, I went last week and loved it. I admit there wasn't much interaction with the chefs--maybe I was too busy talking to my dinner date, but I couldn't see much--but the waitstaff was very friendly and informative. We didn't do the tasting menu either, so we could pick and choose. LOVED the squid with short ribs and the croquetas. Also the pork belly. The roast beef sandwich was also good. Also ordered the asparagus/jamon/poached egg which was not as good (but not bad). I think also a lamb dish? Really enjoyed everything we had. Enjoy!

      2. As I said, I truly loved the place when it first opened as well as Jewel Bako and Lux Oysters, these tiny places were amazing when I first went there but things seem to have changed in the last 2 months, maybe it's because I don't dress up the way they wanted or something but the service was barely passable to me, they rushed us out and the host/waitress was very abrupt when taking my order. I don't generally rip places and these places use to be favorites of mine so I definitely didn't enjoy writing what I did but I also don't believe in sugar-coating my thoughts about a restaurant. Maybe they just don't like me as a customer but yes, my last visit the rib eye was dry and the croquetas were soggy, when I bought this to the attention of the waitress I was told "that's how the dishes were meant to be". I hope that I caught them on a bad night, I hope that maybe it was just a bad night for the waitstaff, I'm still hoping that they can get back to what they did when they first opened their restaurants....again I just hope.

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          I was there last weekend and am certain that there is no rib eye on the menu because I took a menu home with me! Maybe you are a bit confused? To add on to the other poster's comments, this is one of my favorite restaurants in the city right now. By the way, the sweetbreads are fairly new and they are outstanding...enjoy

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            Same cehef, same number of covers, so that's a surprise. Not saying youre wrong - but I wonder why?

          2. Thanks for all the advice. Definately glad we didn't go tasting menu, we picked and chose and spent about $47 on food or half the price of two tasting menus. So definately a good value. We had a nice bottle of wine, and really liked the croquettas and the roastbeef sandwhich. Also liked the asparagus and poached egg. We were dissapointed with the pork belly (it needed more flavor-even a little salt), and the tortilla also seemed innocent of flavor other than the jalepeno on top. I liked the space a lot, and I like being able to watch the chef, I also liked the intimate feeling of sitting so close to my date. However we both determined that we probably would not go back. I think it suffered from having been too built up in my mind--this is the restaurant I have most wanted to try in the last 6 months.