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Oct 11, 2006 02:24 PM


I saw a reference in an earlier string to Citrus (in Chestnut Hill) having been sold. Is this true? Has it affected the quality? Also, I've seen elsewhere that Citrus charges a corkage fee -- does anyone know how much? And finally, I'm planning to take my wife there for her birthday on Friday; if we get there a little before 6, are we likely to get a table without having to wait (there's a limit to how long we can leave our 6-month old with our neighbor...)? Thanks.

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  1. Sorry, it's closed. There is nothing there right now. When they were open, they never charged a corkage fee.

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      Thanks. Any recommendations for BYOs in Chestnut Hill/Mt. Airy other than Cafette?

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        When did it close? I live on the same block of Germantown Avenue as Citrus and walk by with my dog almost daily. I think it was open as recently as this weekend.


      2. There's the new Cafe Barcelona (behind the antique store across from Margarity Ford). In Mt. Airy, there's Umbria. Haven't been there in years but I hear recent good things about it. Barcelona is tiny and casual but cute. If you want to drive up Bethleham Pike (a little past Flourtown), Zake's Bakery is a good byob.

        1. I was there a couple weeks ago and there was a sign in the window saying they were closed. It may have said closed until further notice. I knew they were trying to sell it. If it is open, please let us know.

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            Citrus is not closed! I just called. They are still open, they haven't changed ownership, and they've expanded their seating.

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              Thanks. That's great news. To the original poster, I think you should be able to get right in at a little before 6:00pm (especially with the expanded seating).

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                Well, a word of warning. We have always loved Citrus and raved about every meal we've had there. But...we were there about three weeks ago, and the change was startling. First off, it just looks different -- the pastry case is gone (not the problem) and the lighting was horrible -- bright and glaring. I could swear it used to be kind of dim, with a nice atmosphere -- candles, maybe? Anyhow, that was jarring, but on to the food. The menu seemed to be the same, but the execution -- ouf! I got a tofu dish (always loved their various preps of tofu) that was all but tasteless. Can't remember what my husband had as entree. Salads were boring. I must repeat that we had, up until that night, LOVED every meal we'd had there. As we left (mourning the loss of a great local restaurant and wondering what had happened), we saw the notice that the place was for sale. So...I'm just saying.

                If you do go, please report back. I'd love to hear good news.

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                  Word on the street is they temporarily closed because their wait staff walked out one night after recieving very bad treatment from one of the owners. If you go now and were a regular before, you'll notice that some of the long time servers are no longer there. Too bad.

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                  I just called and got what sounded like an old recording, saying they are open Tuesday the 26th -- that would be September. Has anyone actually been to Citrus lately? I'm thinking of going tonight and want to know if they are actually open.

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                    Jan, I just walked by last night with the dog at 6:30pm. While Roller's next store had all of about 3 full tables at this time, Citrus, or more accurately whatever tables could be seen from the front window of Citrus, appeared to be completely full. Hope your dinner goes well!

              2. Wow. It's hard to believe they haven't sold the place, given what you just said. The sign I saw in the window (looking for a buyer)said they would stick around to advise the new owners. Also, why would they expand if they were selling?

                1. Just wanted to report on my dinner at Citrus last night. Thanks to those who said they were open. I'm really glad we went. The expansion is just a couple tables they were able to add by removing the pastry case. The waitress told us they hadn't been sold yet. I hope whomever takes over keeps everything the same. The food was wonderful. My friend and I have been going to Citrus since it opened and we both agreed that last night's dinner was probably the best we'd had there. He had a crabcake and I had a risotto cake with butternut squash. We had two orders of their bread (which includes their wonderful popovers and delicious olive oil). They charge a nominal fee for bread but it's worth it. The desserts sounded wonderful (really better than I'd remembered) but the portions were so ample that I had no room for dessert. A really delightful surprise for a restaurant that's for sale. One would have thought they'd just opened.