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Oct 11, 2006 02:20 PM


Heading to Osaka for a couple nights. any must try places?

your help is greatly appreciated. thanks, chocolate caliente.

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  1. Go to Dotonbori (between Shinsaibashi and Namba stations) and just walk around. This is the restautant district. You'll be tempted by something, no doubt!

    1. The problem with Osaka is that I have lots of reccommendations, but no real way to guide you to where they are. If you like Korean food, try going to Tsuruhashi and walking around. There's the world's best Okonomiyaki restaurant in the Tsuruhashi area, (called OMONI) but like I said... not sure how to tell you to get there... it's about 5-8 min. walk from the station there.

      1. In American Town there is a shopping place called "Big Steps" - on the top floor there is a place called "The Don". It is a cheap and cheerful Donburi place with great combos. I had the negi toro don with udon soup for $8. If you are in the need for fast, fresh, yummy and cheap head to the DON (they have a few locations within Osaka)

        1. thanks peeps. I agree with linlinchan. Japan is pretty difficult to navigate. I ended up perusing the shopping arcade between shinbashi / namba stations and found a really good otonomiyaki's two blocks towards namba station past the haagan daaz store...on the left. very good food. also had some good expat food at this place called kanagaroo bar which is the expat hang out. they have decent burger (good to have when trashed i guess). it's near the hilton...if u have interest i'll try to look closer to see where it is.

          1. Obviously it's too late now but for future reference I found Buttu Trick to be the best restaurant in Osaka. It's near Shinsaibashi station. Also, there's an awesome yakitori-ya near Daikokucho station and great Izakaya run by a Chinese guy behind Nagai station.