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Oct 11, 2006 01:31 PM

great food, but possibly doomed location

Thursday night I had dinner at The Flaming Torch. Excellent food. The steak au poivre was replete with all kinds of traditional flavors-butter, brandy, pepper. The salads were fantastic and the cobbler magnificent. Great food but sadly, there were only 3 patrons in the entire place and this was from 8:00 until 9:00. I questioned the reasons. I imagine that my other fave in the area, Alberta, was packed to capacity as it is every night with quality food to match the demand. Do you think the name Flaming Torch is the turn-off? I can't imagine it is the location given that there is a lot of traffic in the area. The prices were certainly high which may be why people flock to Crepe Nanou for French food. I split everything and my bill was 80 dollars with tax and tip. Have people had bad meals there?

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  1. so it was $80 for a meal for 1? that is high.

    is this on magazine street?

    1. Yes. We were two people. We split a very good salad, we each had two glasses of wine, we split the steak au poivre and we split the dessert. The total bill with tax AND 20 percent tip was just about 80 dollars, 40 each.