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Oct 11, 2006 01:30 PM

Indian near Bayside

Looking for a good Indian restaurant within a 10 - 15 minute drive from Bayside. Any suggestions?

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  1. There have been discussions of a place on Hillside Ave @ Little Neck Pkwy ??
    Need some help with the name.....

    1. Are you thinking of Tangra Masala 2 on Hillside? It's a little further east - just past Marcus Ave.

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      1. re: Scribbler

        Are you thinking of Heritage? Friends of mine swear by it.

        1. re: pwrube

          Heritage is by Marcus ave, Nassau County, and had been an Italian restaurant. Good food, a little more expensive then the others but by far the nicest interior.

      2. No, not TM2.
        It was an old diner.

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        1. re: johnk

          On Hillside just east of Little Neck Pkwy is Fiza Diner. O.P. should do a search as there was a recent discussion of Indian in Floral Park and there are older posts about Indian near Bayside. Fiza,Kerala and Santoor are all good.

          1. re: stuartlafonda

            That's the one Stuart.
            Any imput on this place?

            1. re: johnk

              Interesting place. It is very small with a few tables that people share. They seat about 10 people, and do a huge takeout business. Everything but the bread is strictly steam table, and then nuked. In fact the steam table takes up just about the entire interior. They usually have about 6 meat mains and an eaqual number of vegetable dishes. Food tends to be spicy, everything is dirt cheap. They do all kinds of kabobs and even do whole birds in the tandoor. It has had some favorable press and was on the Village Voice cheap 100 a few years ago. Worth a try if you are in the area.

              1. re: stuartlafonda

                Thanks for the update. I've been meaning to get over there.
                Spicy is where it's at!!!!
                Lets Go Mets!!!

                1. re: johnk

                  I was in Fiza Diner last week. Since it was still Ramadan (and I think still is), they had removed all the tables, except for one table for 2, so that they could make room for more pre-prepared take-out.

                  The kid behind the counter took my order. Then another employee told me to get a combination plate instead. Then the two of them talked about my order in Hindi(?)for about 2-3 minutes without my understanding a word, other than "combination", like I wasn't there. I wound up with rice, a vegetable dish, and two chicken dishes (neither of which was the one I had originally asked for). After 5 minutes in the microwave, some parts were extremely hot and some were just room temperature. This is definitely a recipe for food poisoning. I was lucky this time.

                  Fiza Diner is also one of the dirtiest restaurants I've ever eaten in, and I've been to over 500 (I've counted) restaurants in Asia.

                  The food tasted good though. Lots of bold spices, which I like. Plenty of cardamon and maybe too much cloves for my taste. I'll give them another chance after Ramadan is over.

              2. re: johnk

                I had lunch from Fiza Diner today. It was good. I had okra masala, chickpea masala, goat curry, chicken curry, some seasoned rice, and a nan for $7. They also had a goat kidney curry, a kufta, keema, and another type of chicken curry. Dal as well of course. Everything was tasty and had lots of spices- sometimes whole peppercorns, cloves, etc. For some reason, I was expecting them to have haleem in the steam table selection, but it wasn't there. It's on the menu though. They have a little parking lot too. I'm definitely going back and may order from the menu next time.

              3. re: stuartlafonda

                The only Fiza Diner I know of is in Floral Park. Are you talking about the same one?

            2. i used to really like indian oasis on the service road of the LIE on the eastbound side, b/t 188th st and utopia parkway in fresh meadows. however, i believe that it's called "royal indian oasis" and they serve asian indian cuisine. if you do a search for indian oasis, you should see more discusssions on this particular restaurant. i haven't been back since it's changed, however. plus, for whatever reason, the place was always empty when i went, despite the food being very good under its former name.

              there's india corner on union turnpike and 178th st, also in fresh meadows near st johns. it's a bit small, but they have a very cheap and filling lunch buffet - i think take out is about $6 or so. their dinners are also good - i wouldn't say this is the best indian food, but it's very consistent and i've been going here since i was a child.

              otherwise, i am in jamaica estates and i usu drive out to jackson heights to jackson diner to get my fill of indian food.

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              1. re: Linda

                re: Indian Oasis - you seem to be saying that the cuisine was different under the old name, but that's not so. Just to clarify for anyone out there reading, it never was an "Indian" Indian restaurant. Like its successor, Royal Indian Oasis (imaginative name change, no?) it served Indian-style Chinese & Thai food. While the owners and the name may be new, the menu did not change appreciably after the changeover. Last time I visited (a few months ago), the food was still great.

                1. re: Helen F

                  interesting... during the times that i went to indian oasis (mainly around 2000-2002), i don't recall ever seeing anything besides indian food on the menu?

                  to clarify, i never went to this restaurant once they started serving indian style chinese food.

                  1. re: Linda

                    Hmmm, maybe that "never" was a bit of an overstatement. I feel like I've been eating in that spot, whatever its name, for more than just two years, but it seems that I could not have learned about it (on this board) any earlier than 2004! Surprising. Anyway, that would leave ample time for a cuisine switch since you were last there. I stand corrected.