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Oct 11, 2006 01:30 PM


I need help expanding my repertiore for the upcoming NLCS. Historically, we have gone to:

La Fusta
La Portena
the Old Pearsons
Jackson Diner
Grano de Oro (closed now, its a tapas place)
Spicy and Tasty
El Sitio

Any recommendations would be helpful. Specifically, for tonight, though, we need some recommendations suitable for someone with a "touchy stomach". Unfortunately, I had been thinking Arunee or Sripriphai but need to resort to a milder "Plan B" (he is that good of a friend)...... Thanks

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  1. Srip is closed on Wednesday anyway. Esquina Criolla is another Argie spot at Junction and Corona ave. Tac Coatzinga is number one for mexican in the area and I like Rincon Criolla more then El Sitio. Mina and Kababbish are superior to Jackson Diner. You could hit Leo's if you go really early as they close at 5:00. Wednesday is meatballs. Don't forget to finish at Lemon Ice King. Let's Go Met's.

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      THanks, very helpful. Do you know any columbian/peruvian places, kinda like tierras columbianas - forgot to put that one on my list. is Tac Coatzinga sit down or taco stand? thanks again

      1. re: BillyBob

        Tac. Coat. is sit down, you can find the menu on line. They do great taco al pastor.

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          Hi, Tac Coatzinga sounds great but I can't find info about it anywhere. Do you have a link to a site or an address? Thanks!

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          El Sol is a great Peruvian sit-down place with tablecloths etc and full bar. 108th and Northern blvd. Not too far to walk from 111th st. stop of the 7 train.
          Tac Coatzinga is great, but I wouldn't take someone with sensitive stomach. Food is a bit too rich.

      2. Manghal Kebab in Sunnyside;
        JC & Family for chilean sandwiches - I was there on Monday and was glad to see that their Brazilian steam table got an upgrade and was fresher and tastier than it used to.

        1. Any decent bar with beer cheaper than shea w/in 10 minute walk of shea?

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            That would be a slow curve for a strike out. There's nothing I'm aware of in that category. IF you're driving that pick up some brews and tailgate carefully. I've known cops to actually give tickets (violations) to people with open containers of alcoholic bevs. If you're taking the 7 train, you can hop off in Woodside / 61st St. and hit a bar.

          2. "BillyBob1" What did you do? I ate at Rincon Criolla, had a lechon sandwich and tostones. After the game was cancelled I grabbed a small lemon ice from The Lemon Ice King. I'm thinking of Sentosa prior to the Friday game.

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              StuartLaFonda - thanks again for your advice. On the day of the rainout, we hit the old standard, La Portena, for steaks hanging off the plate and fries. Then, Spicy and Tasty - I am still dreaming of the Spicy Pork from the Szechuan specialties page as I endure the nightmare of Billy Wagner. Thinking about Tac Coatzinga for Wednesday - - LETS GO METS!

              1. re: BillyBob

                Good choices, I like La Portena better then La Fusta and about the same as Esquina Criolla. Esquina is kind of bare bones formica while La Portena is kitchier. Love S&T, sesame noodles and wonton in red chili.

            2. 7th inning, I have snuck into field box seats, and the leo's hero i had pre-game is long gone--I hit the sausage stand--they are out of buns. I haggle the guy and end up with two sausages and all the pepper and onions I can scrape. I then go straight to nathans hot dog stand and with a sorry face, beg the guy for a hot dog bun, and get two buns for my two sausages--what a great night...until billy came in....
              (Shea sausage is too small for the bread, or the bread is too big and overwhelming--all you taste is bread--shea sausage in hot dog bun, at a two for one price....the winner!!!)

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                You skipped the fries at Nathan's? I always go with an order with my turkey mozz. You could still eat after Mota pitched?