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Oct 11, 2006 01:29 PM

Sides for a wild game dinner?

We are serving Elk steaks (marinated & grilled), and I am responsible for the side dishes. My friend is making the appetizer and dessert. There will be six of us for dinner. I was thinking of a wild rice pilaf-type of dish. For a vegetable, I was hoping to find the small miniature squash/zucchini's, and steaming/sauteeing (?) them. I live 100 mi from WF and TJ's, but will be near both the day before the dinner. Do you have any other suggestions for me, or great recipes I might use? Thank you in advance. Dinner is this Saturday.

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  1. With wild game, I always travel sub-consciously to Bavaria and enjoy:

    Spatzle (i.e.: with Jaegerschnitzel or a dish with gravy) or German Fried Potatoes (with roasted or grilled meats) and red cabbage.

    Creamed spinach or Swiss Chard goes along with wild game very well also.

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      I concur - red cabbage or creamed spinach or chard sound like better pairings than zucchini.

      I also like the roasted sweet potatoes that Hungry Celeste mentions below - in fact, DH likes to make roasted mixed root veggies that would go really well with game.

      Cut white potatoes, sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips, some winter squash, and carrots all to roughly equal size (say about 1"). Maybe add some brussels sprouts for good measure - even though they're not root vegetables, they roast really well. Toss everything with a little olive oil, salt & pepper to taste and maybe a sprinkling of something like Penzey's Ozark seasoning or a sprig of rosemary and some fresh thyme - roast at 350 till done, about an hour or so.

    2. Game also makes me think of having some sort of berry relish ... cranberry, lingonberry etc.

      1. Roasted sweet potatoes (or your favorite sweet potato dish) pair well with game, and they add color to the plate.

        1. Two recipes from epicurious that I've served with duck and that would pair nicely with wild game:
          Wild Rice with French Green Lentils

          Thyme-roasted Carrots

          1. Apples and onions cooked in white wine. You're making me homesick for Germany.

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              that sounds so great! tell me more about spicing, amounts, cooking times, etc.

              i have a whole bunch of apples from an overenthusiastic apple picking jaunt, and have been craving savory options. thanks!