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Oct 11, 2006 12:57 PM


Have my cousin coming into town from Ireland and he wants to go out to great sushi one night. Been hearing things about this spot. Whats really hood with it?

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  1. Definitely one of the best sushi places I've been to in New York. I would stick to ordering the fish on the special menu -- they are the most fresh and in season, although I don't think you can go wrong there with anything you order there.

    1. a friend and i had a very nice meal there a few weeks ago, and i'm eager to go back. we split a sashimi omakase (outstanding), a few rolls, and two apps (a delicious seaweed salad and the tasty but miniscule black cod w/ miso). i second ali's recommendation to order the specials of the day when it comes to the fish. unfortunately the price seems to be nearly double that of the standard sushi menu, but you can't argue with the quality. at that, it's still reasonable and if you've got a friend coming from overseas then you'll be wanting something special.

      1. Just got back from a working meal here. This place is off the meter, for real. Wowzerz!