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Oct 11, 2006 12:53 PM

Weekend in Las Vegas

Have been reading with interest Las Vegas posts and am overwhelmed...first time visit, staying at Signature at MGM Grand...Friday through Sunday in early Dec. Help! My wife and I love food, wine, good value, no hype necessary; turned off by overpaying; more interested in great food than atmosphere, but want something of a Vegas experience too. Are we asking too much? We are willing to pay, but want something great in return. Seafood, sushi, thai, gourmet vegetarian are high on the list for us. Coming from DC/Balto area. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Check out 3 places in your hotel: the 2 Robuchon restauarants (high prices may turn you off here) and Nobhill. Lotus of Siam for Thai and RM seafood in Mandalay. Alex in the Wynn and Picasso in bellagio are also great. Nobu and Okada for sushi. Make reservations early if you want to eat at peak hours. While many disagree with these reviews here is a good place to start the selection process.

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      Also 'wonderful' at the MGM.....Fiamma (Italian) Craftsteak (Steak) and SeaBlue (Seafood)

      Fiamma is terrific. Have never had a bad meal!...everything from homemade pasta, steak, seafood.....

      Craftsteak is a traditional steak house...try the foiegras and fig melts in your mouth! Steaks are aged, flavorful and cooked to order....great sides!

      SeaBlue....try the lobster corn dogs, the 10 item salad that you create your self....all the seafood choices are fabulous....

      lot's to choose from @ the MGM!

    2. Will you have a car with you (or are you willing to take a cab to a dinner destination)? Or, do you prefer to eat close to your hotel and avoid that hassle?

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        We will not have a car, but are willing to take a cab to a dinner destination.