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Oct 11, 2006 12:19 PM

Cafe Filbert

Second time dining here and I don't understand why the place isn't packed. Nice room, well decorated, pleasant atmosphere and phenomenal food. Last nite, a glass of the 04 Sass pinot to start with the house filbert butter & bread. Ordered the mixed greens salad with a choice of 3 vinegarette's, sherry, red wine or raspberry, chose the raspberry. In my experience as a foody and a pretty good amatuer cook, the hardest dishes can be the simplest, how do you make a simple green salad extraordinary? Make it with perfect lettuce, add cracked filberts, a perfect amount of very made dressing and finally some Rogue River smoked bleu cheese. A great salad.

For dinner, lamb shanks with chevre couscous, olives and squash. I had the salmon the first I are at Cafe Filbert and really enjoyed the chef's mix of flavors and ingredients. Bill seems to like, as do I, bold flavors, the lamb shanks had everything I like in a dish. Nice change in textures, well plated, the olives were amazing with the lamb and the couscous, I normally don't care for couscous but whether it was the goat cheese or the fabulous braising liquid from the lamb, I ate it all!

Great food, great service, nice people, what more can you ask for?

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  1. Portland I'm assuming?

    1. Sorry, yes Portland on 24th Ave & Vaughn, Nob Hill area. That's why I get for posting first thing in the morning

      1. Thanks for the report. I hadn't heard anything about it.
        For the unitiated: "Filbert" is what a hazelnut is called in Oregon. Why, I've no idea.

        1. Actually, hazelnuts and filberts are cousins. Filberts are smaller than the hazelnut..but they are interchangable in recipes.

          Wikipedia says..The word 'filbert' is used regionally in Oregon to refer to hazelnuts in general. ...the growers were trying to appeal to a global market.

          1. So does Oregon dominate the US hazelnut production or merely that of filberts? Hmmmmm...........