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Oct 11, 2006 11:14 AM

Breakfast in Kanata? Plus two Kanata reports

Looking for a breakfast place in Kanata that's worthwhile in any dimension: cheap or fancy, Eastern or Western, bakery or full-service place, espresso or filter coffee -- you get the idea. Pretty much anything that's above average and in the neighborhood.

Had a quick bowl of spicy beef pho at Phu-Yen (in the strip mall at the corner of March and Terry Fox), and have to say, pretty damn decent. Creditable beef broth, a fair hand with the chilli sauce, decent thin slices of ribeye, proper accompaniments (fresh basil, beans sprouts, lime). Won't fool anyone from Ho Chi Minh City as being dead-authentic, but tasty and filling for $7.

A late dinner at Royal Oak Pub (March Rd, Kanata), with a very nice fish and chips ($14), thick-battered, not too greasy. Fine (though likely frozen) chips, authentically overcooked peas, nice draft beer selection (though they're clearly pouring a lot more of the Smithwick's than the Tennents). Pretty passable for a small chain, friendly and attentive service, the expected small crowd of techies.

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  1. La Provence bakery in the Terry Fox mall has great almond or chocolate croissants. The Stittsville bakery (1626 Main St.) makes wonderful donuts.