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Oct 11, 2006 10:35 AM

Sports bars with good food?

A fellows Cardinals fan and I are hoping to take in the carnage tonight (we accept that the Cards are going to get killed, we're just gluttons for punishment) at a sports bar that also offers a nice-ish dinner. Any suggestions? I'm on the UES, but downtown is OK, too. We'd rather avoid the west side for practical reasons, but that's about the only restriction.

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  1. Professor Thom's on 2nd Ave between 13th & 14th St has decent bar food.

    1. Also, while this is an old post, it describes the certainly decent sports bars of the UES. I don't venture up there much, but I like Blondies and have found Ship of Fools and Backpage to be fine. Bounce, a new place, is also ok. Tons of TVs. More expensive food.

      1. Thanks guys; and thanks for that link, Jorel -- I clearly used poor search terms.

        1. David Copperfields @74th and York Ave is perhaps more a pub than sports bar atmosphere but that have decent food and large beer selection. 3 TV's and 1 large screen.

          1. I've visited the Park Avenue Country Club a few times and thought the food was well above that served in the average sports bar.

            On Park Ave. South at 27th St., one short block from the 28th St. 6 train stop.



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              Agreed about PACC. Probably the more "nice-ish" type dinner that you're going to find at a sports bar.