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Oct 11, 2006 07:08 AM

has anyone been to Cut

i have heard some mixed reviews.

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  1. Search the CH Boards, there's been a few posts about it (also use "Wolfgang" as a search phrase) -- I've read about it for awhile and overall opinion by the chowhounds seem pretty positive (and if you trust LA Times, their food critic gave it the not-often-seen 3 out of 4 stars.)

    Definitely upscale on prices (especially so if you're intent on ordering their specialty Japanese Kobe Beef, which sets you back at least $120,) so not a place I'd plan to visit for a while.


    1. I ate at Cut about a week and a half ago. I thought the restaurant's strengths were the appetizers and the service, which was outstanding. The steaks were very good, with a charred crust, and they offered some interesting options including a bone-in filet mignon. I ordered the dry-aged Nebraska NY strip which our group deemed the most flavorful. We opted not to try the Kobe at $82 or thereabouts. As an appetizer I had bone marrow flan, which was a bone marrow custard served in actual meat bones. It was scrumptious.

      The wait staffers were attentive, intelligent, deferential and beautifully trained.

      The people-watching was possibly the third best thing about the restaurant. What a collection! Jerry Springer was there, as well as a party of four that included a woman who appeared to be a retired porn star, still wearing one of her costumes. Cardinal Mahoney exited the hotel, in full regalia, as we were waiting for our cars in valet parking.

      I didn't see the bill, fortunately for me, but each of our steaks were $50 or so. My app was $18. They charge for each side dish, up to $18 for wild mushrooms, and we had several of those. And to add insult to injury, they charge for sauces, $2 each. So it was easily $100 per person before wine, tax and tip.

      I'd go again ... if someone else was paying.

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        thanks!!!!!!! was the flan a savory one? sounds very interesting. did u get a lot for $18??

        1. re: caitybirdie

          It was a savory flan with soft chunks of bone marrow in it. They also supplied a little marrow spoon with which to dig the custard out of the bone. There were two two-inch bones filled with the custard which isn't a lot (a couple of tablespoons each?), but it was very rich and extremely satisfying. There were also two spoonsful of mushroom duxelles, I guess to mix with the flan, but I didn't want to confuse the flavors. I thought it was a great dish and worth the $$.

        2. re: barham turner

          Nice! I wish I was there. Call me up the next time you go...