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Oct 11, 2006 06:45 AM

Cocktails and Small Plates

**Sorry, forgot to clearly identify SEATTLE for the locale in the subject title (pet peeve of my own!)**

Hi hounds. Coming into Seattle in early December for 3 nights and are wondering what to do for our first night in town (a Friday). We're staying at the Inn at the Market and I was hoping to get suggestions for places within stumbling distance that we could catch a decent bar scene with some CH worthy munchies. Any suggestions?

Other meals planned:

Il Terrazo Carmine
Salty's (Sunday Brunch)
Wild Ginger

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  1. Dear Lizard: Since you are coming for a weekend, suggest you check that Salumi will be open. Union is great choice. Puzzled by Salty's--- Sunday brunch might be lots of food but I don't see anything special happening there. As for being within
    walking distance from Inn at the Market, consider the tiny
    bistro, Le Pichet. And for a big night out, consider Mistral

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    1. re: itsonlyfood

      A handful of people recommended Salty's for that brunch. When living in the Bay Area, we used to hit the top of the Hilton for the view, bottomless Mimosas, Carved Meat, and piles of oysters, prawns and crab. Am open to suggestions!!

    2. PDX, The upstairs bar at Maximillien's At The Market serves terrific mussels and has a great view. I like their (from the menu) Sunday brunch better than Saltys. The appetizers at 94 Stewart Street are worth seeking out. You will love Il Terrazo Carmine. I also suggest one breakfast at Lolas. (A short walk from your hotel.) Interesting menu options for breakfast. Cafe Campagne, just down from your hotel, makes exceptional french toast and coffee. Many local Chowhounds are averse to Wild Ginger. (I am not.) If you go, don't miss the black pepper scallops. A truly great dish. Have a wonderful visit and let us know what you liked.

      1. You absolutely have to go to Zig Zag for cocktails.

        Salty's for brunch? Ummmmm, no.

        1. LOL. So much for Salty's for brunch. I appreciate the feedback and "save" from potential mediocrity.

          1. Hounds will corect me if this makes no sense, but I have intention to check out contour, myself...

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              I frequent happy hour at Contour for its generous duration (4pm - 8pm, M-F, 2pm - 8pm Sat/Sun) and $2 "Driftwood Ale" (actually Rouge Half-e-weizen under a private label). The $1.95 food items are pretty hit-or-miss. Best bets are the lamb and chicken skewers, and the calamari. The dips are ok as well. The last time I got the spanakopita, it was cold in the center. The $1.95 burger... well, Dick's is a better deal.