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Cocktails and Small Plates

**Sorry, forgot to clearly identify SEATTLE for the locale in the subject title (pet peeve of my own!)**

Hi hounds. Coming into Seattle in early December for 3 nights and are wondering what to do for our first night in town (a Friday). We're staying at the Inn at the Market and I was hoping to get suggestions for places within stumbling distance that we could catch a decent bar scene with some CH worthy munchies. Any suggestions?

Other meals planned:

Il Terrazo Carmine
Salty's (Sunday Brunch)
Wild Ginger

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  1. Dear Lizard: Since you are coming for a weekend, suggest you check that Salumi will be open. Union is great choice. Puzzled by Salty's--- Sunday brunch might be lots of food but I don't see anything special happening there. As for being within
    walking distance from Inn at the Market, consider the tiny
    bistro, Le Pichet. And for a big night out, consider Mistral

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      A handful of people recommended Salty's for that brunch. When living in the Bay Area, we used to hit the top of the Hilton for the view, bottomless Mimosas, Carved Meat, and piles of oysters, prawns and crab. Am open to suggestions!!

    2. PDX, The upstairs bar at Maximillien's At The Market serves terrific mussels and has a great view. I like their (from the menu) Sunday brunch better than Saltys. The appetizers at 94 Stewart Street are worth seeking out. You will love Il Terrazo Carmine. I also suggest one breakfast at Lolas. (A short walk from your hotel.) Interesting menu options for breakfast. Cafe Campagne, just down from your hotel, makes exceptional french toast and coffee. Many local Chowhounds are averse to Wild Ginger. (I am not.) If you go, don't miss the black pepper scallops. A truly great dish. Have a wonderful visit and let us know what you liked.

      1. You absolutely have to go to Zig Zag for cocktails.

        Salty's for brunch? Ummmmm, no.

        1. LOL. So much for Salty's for brunch. I appreciate the feedback and "save" from potential mediocrity.

          1. Hounds will corect me if this makes no sense, but I have intention to check out contour, myself...

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              I frequent happy hour at Contour for its generous duration (4pm - 8pm, M-F, 2pm - 8pm Sat/Sun) and $2 "Driftwood Ale" (actually Rouge Half-e-weizen under a private label). The $1.95 food items are pretty hit-or-miss. Best bets are the lamb and chicken skewers, and the calamari. The dips are ok as well. The last time I got the spanakopita, it was cold in the center. The $1.95 burger... well, Dick's is a better deal.

            2. What about Black Bottle? i have never had a bad plate there and the portions are very generous for a tapas place. The clams in brodo had me swooning as did the hangar steak. The bar isn't big but definitely attracts a nice crowd. No reservations.

              1. Zig Zag is great for cocktails (they have food, too, but I haven't had enough of it to comment) and is very near you, on the Pike Place hillclimb. Also not to far (4 or 5 blocks, at 1st and Madison), for cocktails and munchies, is BOKA. They have some very good little bites (ie Dungeness crab cupcakes with creme fraiche) but I've never had a meal there, so I can't say what that's like.
                I also vote no on Salty's. Non-foodies love it but it's pretty standard buffet stuff.

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                  I had the crab cakes last night at BOKA and I am pretty certain it was whipped butter on top and not creme fraiche as the menu indicated.
                  It had none of that wonderful sourness that is caused by those lovely lactobacillus cultures. Pretty dissapointing. Perhaps they ran out of the creme fraiche but they should certainly have indicated that or perhaps my tastebuds were destroyed by the excellent gin martini I had. ;)

                2. ok. someone else mentioned Palisades to me for that brunch. Haven't seen anyone here bring it up...any thoughts?

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                    Palisades and Salty's brunch are similar to me in that they are more about the view than the food. It depends on what you are going for. If it's great food, I'd recommend Cafe Campagne. I haven't been yet, but I hear the brunch at Tilth is great too.

                    1. re: Lauren

                      We went to Cafe Camagne ths weekend and brunch was sonderful. Great atmophere, great service, great food. We had baked eggs, French toast, and coffee, and it was all good. We will be back.

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                      Palisade is beautiful space, with a big koi pond inside the restaurant and a fantastic view of Seattle. I've had brunch there lots of times, but that last time I went there (January), the quality of the food wasn't what I've come to expect... I believe they'd just switched chefs. Service is excellent, brunch cocktails are excellent, and they've got a buffet so if you want to eat your weight in oysters, feel free! The made to order food that came out of the kitchen wasn't that great -- kind of half-assed.

                      It really depends on what you're looking for with brunch. If you want big, old fashioned buffet-style, with a prawn the size of your hand in your bloody mary, I think Palisade is a great choice. If you want something more personal, a place where locals eat with higher quality food, there are better options.

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                        I think at this point, I'm willing to sacrifice a bit of the foodieness in favor of some view and gluttony- comfort food that i can fill up on, stumble back to the hotel and catch some football. Right now leaning towards Palisades, but the wife unit could trump it all and just want to walk across to Maximillian's for something light before we crawl back into bed.

                        Now if we could just settle our debate of steak house v. Asian for sunday dinner...

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                          have your steak and eat Asian too...you can order the kalbi (beef short rib steaks, be sure to get them bone-in, not boneless) at a Korean place like Hosoonyi (or closer in to downtown, Shilla) while your wife can get the seafood pancake and some chap chae (stir fried glass noodles) etc.

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                            If you decide on steakhouse, consider Waterfront Seafood on Alaskan Way. Frenched rib steak there is better than El Gaucho's, good ambiance and views of the water, baked Alaska flambe is a fun show (just watch out that they don't inflate your bill by bringing bottle after bottle of water to your table.)

                      2. for brunch, you can't do better than Six Seven in the Edgewater Hotel on the waterfront. Gorgeous view, all you can eat (with mimosa included) with all the benefits of Salty's but with actually good food. They have lots of NW accents, like smoked scallops and salmon, oysters, prawns, along with very well-done breakfast favorites like eggs benedict. and the view, across the Sound, you're basically ON the water, it's totaly worth it.

                        1. That's easy. Asian. Most cities have a good steakhouse, so that's something you can eat at home (and if you are from PDX, you have an El Gaucho, which is one of our best steakhouses, along with the Metropolitan Grill). Not every city has terrific Vietnamese (Green Leaf, or Monsoon if you want more upscale. Not that GL is a dive-it's not), or great Szechuan (Seven Stars Pepper). Reading old threads will give you more Asian ideas.