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Exotic Foods.

Hi everyone,

Anyone know where to eat rare and exotic foods?


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  1. what exactly are you looking for? an ingredient, or a type of food? what you consider exotic may not be exotic to others =)

    1. how about live baby octopus at prince in k-town?

      1. that's a good one. i'll have to go try that. thanks wilafur.

        1. You *MUST* read Eddie Lin's blog Deep End Dining. He'll set you straight (or scare you straight). Either way it's a fun read. He has video of those writhing live octopus tentacles too!


          1. Thanks for the plug, Elmomonster!

            As far as the live baby octopus tentacles goes, the Prince in K-town has not offered this item on the "secret" menu for a while. Usually the live tentacles are found in the Korean language section of the English menu (the secret items are written on a small piece of paper and taped on to the front or back of the menu). If you know someone who can speak Korean, perhaps you can special order them since they do serve some kind of cooked or raw (not live) baby octopus on the regular menu.

            I would also suggest Seafood Village RH in Roland Heights. They serve live lobster sashimi and live drunken shrimp (these items NOT listed on menu). The ability to speak Chinese also helps greatly to ensure that above dishes are brought out alive and not simply raw and dead-ish.

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              ooh speaking of live seafood, i just had live sweet shrimp, live uni and live scallops at Maki Zushi in tustin.

              I was also able to get a sea snail from japan that night.

              Prices are extrememly reasonable also at this place.

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                  nice Blog elmomonster! that bluefin place looks awesome, but i don't think i can afford it. just want that bite of duck!

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                  oh man!! that video is awesome!! did ya feel the tentacles movin in your stomach? nice blog Eddie!

                  I just called this place in San Dimas called Little Tokyo and they serve grasshopper. Lady says, they "taste like chocolate!"

                3. You can eat a variety of insects and creepy-crawlies at Typhoon, near the Santa Monica airport. Website, with menu and address, here: http://www.typhoon.biz/

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                  1. elmo,

                    yes, it's me, eddie!


                    glad you enjoyed the video (not available on YouTube!). the live tentacles did not move in my stomach simply because i made certain to chew the living hell out of them before i swallowed. a good pointer to follow if you choose to dine on them.

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                      haha.. you should put it on youtube. i think yours is better than this one.


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                        Word. Those things can be deadly if you don't chew them well. They can actually wiggle and lodge themselves in any number of inopportune places.

                        - Chubbypanda


                      2. If you want chapulines (fried grasshoppers) you can go to either of the Guelaguetzas -- one's in K-Town and one is at Palms and Sepulveda.