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Oct 11, 2006 04:56 AM

Best diner

In Westside-- Do you have a favorite diner in town?

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  1. Fred 62 they are 24hrs, and they have an amazing tarte tatin pancakes....yummie...

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    1. re: caitybirdie

      Fred 62 is great! One of my fav too!!! I wish it was closer to WLA~

    2. I am partial to CJ's, on Pico. Good cheap food (I go for breakfast -- they have regular diner fare, as well as mexican breakfast and southern fare), friendly service, and good bustling atmosphere.

      I would suggest sitting inside though -- they kind of forget about you when you sit on the sidewalk.

      I've written more (and there are pictures) here:

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      1. re: tannazie

        Thank you for the reply and thank you for the link~ oh and you have a great blog site!

        1. re: miffy

          thanks miffy! glad you like it =)

      2. By far, my favorite diner is Ronnie's Diner.

        I've written about it a few times here.

        I think now, if anyone actually went there other than me, they'd be let down.

        But Ronnie's is not only one of my favorite diners, it's one of my favorite restaurants to eat in. I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner there. I like their coffee. I like their desserts. They have regular diner stuff and a nice selection of healthier fare. Nothing is greasy, the ingredients are fresh.

        But, like I said, I've set the place up for a let down.

        It's on Culver Boulevard, near the 90 freeway, west of Centinela. There's usually a bunch of cops in there, as it's down the street from Pacific Division.

        And that's all I'm gonna say ...

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        1. re: PaulF

          Thank you PaulF! I have GOT to try it! Sounds like a great place! Do they have a menu online? or like a website online?
          In any case, maybe I will spot you there!
          Thank you for the great post/reply~

          1. re: miffy

            They are pretty no frills, I doubt they have a web site or anyting online.

            Of course, I've built it up so much, you won't like it ... ha ha ha ... but I hope you do.

            It's very neighborhoody ... I doubt anyone from more than three miles away every comes in. But it's crowded on weekends, lost of boaters come in and some body builder types.

            It's not a greasy spoon (and I like greasy spoons). It just isn't.

            Anyways, I hope you dig it ... try breakfast. I also like their dinner specials, like the turkey meatloaf. The veggies are always fresh. Good turkey chili and sandwiches and burgers, too.

            But, like I said, I know I've built it up too much ...

              1. re: monku

                Cool thanks ... I didn't know about it.

                1. re: monku

                  That's the one I saw ;) Thank you anyways!! YOu are very kind to do that

                2. re: PaulF

                  I found their menu on some website- and I guess no dinners sat/sun??? I will try weekdays :) but I LOVE neighborhood home cooking type place so I am sure I would love it~

                  1. re: miffy

                    Yeah, no dinner Sat and Sun.

                    Those are the big breakfast days.

                    1. re: PaulF

                      Thanks again Paul for the reply- and checking in with me ;)

            1. Cafe 50s in Venice (on Lincoln).

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              1. re: gourmetla

                YES! Cafe 50's is one of my favorite too! I signed up for their frequent dining card! Love their monthly newsletter

              2. Technically someone from the east coast like NY or NJ would disagree with your definition of a diner or why you'd use that term to describe those places. Closest thing I've seen that resembles a diner is that place on Gale Avenue in the City of Industry next to Claim escapes me...but that place kind of looks like a diner inside and out.

                Places described are more akin to coffee shops. Even Ronnie's and I've been there and its OK.

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                1. re: monku

                  I have never been in the City of Industry but is there a TRUE diner in the Westside do you think?? I would really love to try a true diner!!

                  1. re: miffy

                    Now I remember the name of the place..."Friscos". Don't go out of your way. Like I said it only looks like a diner on the outside like you'd find back east-its not a real diner. I'm not going to vouch for their menu. Only been once and think its kind of like that Cafe 50's menu.

                    There's a history and culture about diners on the east coast and I haven't really seen it carry past the mid-west. Diners were actually premanufactured moveable restaurants resembling a train car that were moved to a site. Maybe you're not old enough to remember a 1982 movie called Diner. Maybe Google "Diner" and see what you come up with.


                    1. re: monku

                      Thank you for your thorough and kind reply! Where in East coast are you from? Thanks for the history on diner :) I am not from US and I think diners have that American feel to it to me :)

                      1. re: miffy

                        I grew up on Long Island in NY and as a kid we used frequent several diners in the neighborhood after school for fries, burgers and Cokes.

                        Where are you from? Must have been something where you're from that resembled a diner-could have been a restaurant like coffee shop in a train car.

                        They're still pretty popular and some are pretty upscale places. If you're ever in San Francisco there's a famous restaurant called Fog City Diner...its a high end diner.


                        1. re: monku

                          I have to try that if I am in SF- I am from Japan, and came here for college and stayed ever since- much of what I imagined from TV etc were in diners or upscale traditional staekhouses- but here in LA you have everything! You must miss food from the East Coast especially in the fall- it is so different during holiday in NY/New England (I was in Boston for a while)

                          1. re: miffy

                            Probably similar for you when you eat Japanese food here in LA. Some places are good and will remind you of home and some places make you wonder how could they think its Japanese.

                            Surprised no one ever tried to bring a "diner" type restaurant to Japan...they'd make a fortune. Diner's were probably at their peak here in the US when Elvis started the rock and roll craze. I know Japanese just go crazy over Elvis. Didn't know PM Koizumi was such a fan too.

                            Here's a tip if you go to San Francisco...they hate when you call it Frisco.

                            1. re: monku

                              I have not yet seen much of REAL diner there in Japan- more like Denny's are around etc but otherwise they make it like Sushi Roku of American food out of burgers and fries and shakes and it will probably cost you $40 per person..

                      2. re: monku

                        Oh may gosh! I just went to the link you gave me for frisco's!! It looks SOOOOO cute! I have to make my way out to City of Industry! I love Cafe 50's anyways too, so that would be a good trip ;)

                        1. re: miffy

                          The food is probably like Cafe 50's.