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Beef short ribs - grill or braise?

On a suggestion in another thread, I picked up some beef short ribs the other day from the store, but realized that I have absolutely no idea what to do with them. I've seen recipes for both grilled and braised applications, but most look needlessly complicated. Any ideas on what I might use these for?

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  1. How are they cut? That will make a difference.

    If you have thin slices flanken cut (across the bones), you can grill them in the Korean fashion.

    If they are long, individual bones, then a braise would be more apprpriate.

    If they've had the bones removed and the meat accordion cut, you can do either, but I prefer braised.

    1. If you want to grill shortribs, they must be cut thin across the bones or you have to made an 'accordian' cut so that the meat is thin. You can braise them if they are cut into large pieces. Braising is just like making a stew. If you grill them, the most popular way is marinate them overnight in a Korean style marinade. Drain the marinade and grill to the doneness that you like...medium is the best.

      1. Braise...makes em tender as can be and the sauce is wonderful

        1. My vote is for braising.

          1. Vote for braised as well. I made a huge batch of these glazed with tamarind this past weekend. The recipe is in Ana Sortun's Spice and is highly recommended.

            1. Braise! As I write, short ribs are braising in my slow cooker, and I can't wait to get home. The ones I'm cooking now have an oriental flavor: a half-cup each of water and soy sauce, a quarter-cup of honey, 6 nickel-sized slices of ginger, a cinnamon stick, 3 star anise, a few scallions, and a teaspoon of Szechuan peppers. Set the crockpot on low for 7 - 10 hours, and you're set. For an utterly different taste, braise in red wine or (another favorite) Belgian beer.

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                I think I might give that one a try... What quantity of meat is this for?

              2. I was in a similar situation and went on a mission to explore short rib cooking this year. I have braised them several times and also grilled them Korean style. I love them both ways, but they have different results.

                Here is a recipe for the Korean grilled style and it was SOOOO tasty. The meat is really well flavored, but it is a toothsome outcome, not the "fall off the bone" texture of braised short ribs. I didn't use the flanken style but followed the instructions in Steven Raichlen's Barbecue Bible for "butterflying" the regular cut ones (easy to do and I'd be happy to post it if you'd like).


                Braising the short ribs on low heat for a long time makes an incredibly rich and luscious dish. I'd recommend a simple red wine recipe for the first try, on very low heat (I like to do it in the oven at 250F).

                You just need to decide what sort of dish you are in the mood for and give it a try!

                1. One of my favorite comfort foods is braised short ribs with red gravy,my mother used to make.Just braise in oven till meat is falling off the bone.Take a bit of the juice and add 2-3 tablespoons cornstarch or fLour and mix well.Add some tomato sauce(depending on how much gravy you want) add to ribs stir in cornstarch mixture simmer till gravy is slightly thicken.Serve with mashed potatoes DELSICIOUS!

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                    Everyone's favorite around here is braised shortribs in red wine with tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic and onions - herbs: oregano, marjoram, basil and salt and pepper to taste. When they are falling off the bone we serve them on soft polenta and lots of parm.

                  2. This recipe for braised "Super Short Ribs" from Epicurious is very easy and tastes really delicious. I highly recommend it.