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Oct 11, 2006 04:25 AM

Munchies in Maspeth?

My job has me working one day a week in Masbeth, on 60th Ln near Fresh Pond parkway. Other big roads nearby are Putnam and Metropolitan. Anyone know of a decent lunch spot? There seem to be a few Polish-type coffee and pastry places and generic lookinging pizza joints but I'm hoping somone might know of some great snacking spots.

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  1. is a bit of a walk but rosa's pizza on 69th off grand avenue is GREAT pizza, chicken rolls, calzones, etc..

    1. Iavarone Bros. on Grand Avenue and 69th Street offers affordably priced, made to order, hot and cold Italian style (huge) sandwiches. They also have assorted salads available.

      1. you are in a tough area bring your own lunch