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Oct 11, 2006 04:23 AM

DiMaggio's Italian Chop House


Plan on visiting SF towards the end of October...anybody been here?....can I eat at the bar?....does it get a good, lively crowd as Moose's used to/still does?....how are the steaks--for perspective, I am originally from NY and used to great steaks (i.e. Peter Luger)...is the steak actually good here or does it taste similar to what I could cook at home in my broiler and I would be better off ordering one of their other, non-steak dishes?

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  1. If you are from NY and used to great steaks you should not go to a steakhouse while visiting SF.

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      While I tend to agree that steakhouses in SF do not compare well with others around the country, I wouldn't necessarily skip DiMaggio's. The steaks are decent, although probably not the best in the City (consider Acme Chophouse or El Raigon, for alternatives to traditional steakhouses), and you can eat well at the bar, which is not as snooty as Moose's.

    2. Thanks....the only steakhouse I have found on the West Coast that meets my standards and is consistently excellent is The Metropolitan Grill up in Seattle....I have eaten before at Harris' and it was not bad, but I would not put it in the same category as Peter Luger, Bobby Van's, Sparks, etc. I still will check out DiMaggio's--if nothing else, because I am a Yankee fan.

      1. A friend of ours from Dallas (home of lots of great steakhouses) ate at DiMaggio's and thought it was very good. Enjoyed the decor, the service, the steak and the wine. He said he would certainly go back.

        1. Based on your question - "is the steak actually good here or does it taste similar to what I could cook at home in my broiler" This presumes that your own home cooked steak is not that impressive.

          Anyways, I had dinner at Dimaggio's last night. Upon arrival, moved to the bar for a drink before dinner. Bar was dark, mostly male dominated, with a couple of TV's broadcasting basketball on ESPN. In my opinion, TV's in a bar broadcasting sports are fine for a sports bar, but not a place that wishes to be a high end establishment.

          Dinner consisted of the following: crab cakes which were more filler than crab. Caesar salad which a thick mayo-laced dressing which was below average. Porterhouse steak for dinner was very well executed - cooked to a medium rare perfection. The downside to the steak is that they put a sauce on the steak which, while not horrible, should be unnecessary for a high quality piece of meat.

          Since this website is dedicated to the pursuit of excellent chow, I don't think I'll be going back here again as an equally good if not better steak can easily be had at home. Furthermore, the restaurant itself seems more akin to something one might expect to find elsewhere.

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            I really dislike places that put a sauce on the steak without warning me on the menu...If I want the sauce on the side , or do not want sauce at all, I would like to make that decision...does Dimaggio's warn you?

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              I had a friend from Dallas here a couple of weeks ago and he took his son there, both like steak houses and DiMaggio's was new so they tried it. That was his first comment, "they put some damn sauce on my steak!!!" He said the steak was very good and the sauce wasn't bad he just didn't want it on his steak. And, NO, he was no warned or asked, it just came out that way.

              1. re: rtmonty

                Did he actually eat the unexpectedly saucy steak or did he send it back? It would be so disappointing to have to send it back and then either get, what? a wiped off, now cooled down piece of meat that you can imagine being wiped off or rinsed off, or...what would be the alternative: waiting while they cooked a new piece of meat sans sauce? It would ruin your dinner.

                1. re: niki rothman

                  He just scrapped off most of it and ate the steak, didn't send it back. Since he was treating his son he didn't want to cause any problems. Said the steak was very good and he's both a Texan and a steak guy.

            2. re: poulet_roti

              they put a sauce on the steak which, while not horrible, should be unnecessary

              True, but what was the sauce? It's common enough to deglaze the pan with red wine and pour over the steak.

              I agree with the pessamistic review of San Francisco steak - the one and only great steak I've had was at Fringale one very early Saturday evening. They changed chefs; never repeated.

              Steaks at home much better - like Ms Waters says, one must start with the best ingredients for the best result - that's likely the problem.

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                The sauce was a reduction and not overly heavy but still added or perhaps better said "detracted" from the steak itself. I have had good and bad experiences with steaks at many restaurants in this city, but I just assume a steakhouse would do it best. It was years ago but I recall a good steak at Fringale as well, but that was when the old chef was still there before moving on to Piperade.

                I guess more to the point - whereas I do like a good piece of beef, maybe I'm just not a steak house guy.

            3. I don't recall any warning about a sauce on the steak and I'm usually pretty congnizant of these things. The overall environment is pretty lame - my wife likened it to Houstons.