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Oct 11, 2006 04:22 AM

Mexican Cuisine in the Mission for ChowChild

ChowChild (just turned 18! Do I need to change his name?)is still fuming that we weren't able to attend the picnic Sunday so I am trying to placate him with promises of Chowhound's best recommendations in the Mission Saturday after we see play @ The Marsh (on Valencia). Those of you who have met ChowChild know he has a unusual palate for a high school kid. His Lafayette classmates think Taco Bell is authentic Mexican cuisine. ChowChild would never patronize Taco Bell. He grew up savoring Fruitvale taco trucks and restaurants. His favorites are al pastor and carnitas but he'll try anything.

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  1. If you were going before the play, I'd say Pastores on Mission at Cortland, but she closes around 9.

    Not much will measure up to Fruitvale al pastor. You could walk over to El Metate for the hipster scene.

    Chava's (Mission between 24th and 25th) is authentic without being especially great. The caldo de pollo is my standby there.

    1. While its not strictly Mexican, in that area, I'm a fan of Panchita's #3.

      Or you could check out Roosevelt's Tamale Parlor and give us a report on how its faring - we could use a reliable source of intel on its progress.

      1. Taqueria San Jose's al pastor is excellent.

        How about one of the Yucatecan places? Don't get that in Fruitvale.

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          Yeah, I think he'd dig the Vietnamese and Yucatan vibe at Yucatasia, though frankly the roast chicken banh mi is the best thing I've tried there. Or maybe the "taco window":

            1. re: Melanie Wong

              There's also Mi Lindo Yucatan. 410 Valencia, open till 11pm.

          1. You should keep it Chowchild. Maybe he should come down to Middlefield in Redwood City for a taco crawl. Another option is San Jose. Can not believe he is 18. WOW