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Oct 11, 2006 04:12 AM

Baby Friendly in Little Tokyo?

Hi hounders,

I'm a relatively recent NYC to LA transplant and I need a rec for a Little Tokyo venue that will be comfy for a small group of moms with babies and toddlers. We will be going for lunch on Friday and I would love something with a varied menu (ie, ok for vegetarians, not sushi only, etc.) and casual enough for families. The kids will be either nursing or eating food brought for them, so kid-friendly food is not important.

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. Depending on how large your party is (most restaurants with booths will only fit 4 or 6. For larger groups you end up sitting in the middle section of the restaurant with a bunch of tables pushed together) Suehiro on First Street, Curry House in Weller Court, and maybe Chop Suey Cafe on First. On Alameda and Third on the third floor above Mitsuwa Market, there is Hana Ichi Monme (sp) a Japanese ramen shop.

    If a buffet line is okay, Oiwake (in Japanese Village Plaza)for lunch is okay and you can also order other stuff off of their menu. The buffet also has ice cream and jello for the kids if they're old enough for that.

    I have three kids and these are some of the places we've gone in J-Town.

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      2nd the rec. for Suehiro. My kids (2&4) have been going to Suehiro their entire lives. Udon, teriyaki, tempura and of course rice are their favorites there and are quite suitable for toddlers. No need to bring food for them. You would need to have them push tables together in the middle, and if you need a large number of highchairs it might be an issue- I'd be surprised if they have more than 4.

    2. Definitely Curry House--they have a kid's plate on the menu.

      1. How about Tokyo Cafe on San Pedro at 1st? Very good food, hospitable, and never crowded.